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on 5/8/10 9:06 am

I was reading something on the internet about if you wear a compression shirt while you lose weight during the rapid weightloss stage  you will have little to no excess skin. Any truth in this? It would be nice to do something about it if i could.  

on 5/8/10 9:22 am - Midlothian, TX
Sounds like an impossible scenario to me.  Stretched skin is damaged skin.  If it's healthy enough you might have less than someone else - but that depends on age, genetics, hydration, etc...  If you have skin that's covered in stretch marks then you might as well count on having loose skin.

All I can see the compression shirt doing for you is holding it in, kinda like a girdle.
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I don't see how that could really work.  The reason we have excess skin after losing a lot of weight is because when we are overweight, we grow extra skin to cover our big bodies.  Once you grow skin, you cannot ungrow it.  I can't imagine how a compression shirt could ungrow skin.

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on 5/8/10 9:45 am - Sevierville, TN
 It might help lose the fat in the compressed areas but there isn't much to do about the skin. It is mostly in the genes  and the age as to whether or not loose skin is an issue. However, later on it might help to HIDE the loose skin. I know Avon, I'm a rep, sells what they call shapewear for women that hold in bulges and skin fold. Not only undergarments but blouses, pants and dresses. I'm sure there are similar things out there for men somewhere.

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I've seen some who swear that compression works for them.  They claim it  helped their skin tighten better.  Others say its worthless. 

My two cents:
It wont prevent excess skin but It may help combat gravity as your skin shrinks.  Like sleeping in a bra to slow the inevitible sagging of large breasts.  Hanging skin will be further pulled by gravity. 

My skin is actually shrinking slowly.  I have few stretch marks and pretty good skin in general.  A plastic surgeon told me the skin will need a full year after completing wl to shrink as much as it is going to. 

A true compression garment is $$$ for my budget.  However, there is a noticible difference in my skin texture and tone if I stray from any part of my routine.  It includes a lite support garment after a sea salt scrub, oil and aloe rub, and moistureiser daily.  Its worth the added ten minutes to my shower routine.  

Whose to say if its the skin conditioning or the support of the lycra that is helping.  I say if wearing compression won't harm you, it is worth a try. 

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on 5/8/10 2:13 pm

Thanks for your advice. I think when my time come i will get a compression shirt just to see. I guess it couldnt hurt and in my head ill be doing all i can to try and prevent saggage.

on 5/8/10 4:21 pm
RNY on 03/11/10 with

I have a friend who is a guy who had surgery too.  He uses under armor or under armour.  I looked in up on the net.  I wanted to know more about it for myself.  The only thing I thought about is that you may want to see if you can buy it in stores or measure yourself so it isn't too big.  The point is for it to hold you in.  My friend has lost 170lbs and he had a compression shirt on from them.  He looked great.  And the good thing for men is that they look like t shirts or undershirts.  They also make workout gear.  Good luck!

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on 5/8/10 4:58 pm
thanks for the advice
Renzo Romasanta
on 2/7/11 7:04 pm
No because wearing a compression shirt can only HELP in reducing excess skin.  You would still need to exercise and sweat it out to help your body and skin get back to normal.  In addition, IMO it is a great reminder for me to workout and psyche or put myself in sweat mode.

Note that there are 2 types of compression shirts.  One for athletes and for working out purposes.  The other is used to hide excess skin and improve your body form.  Some can be readily worn as is or as an undershirt.

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Renzo Romasanta
on 5/3/11 8:22 pm
Renzo Romasanta
on 5/3/11 8:32 pm, edited 5/3/11 8:33 pm
I totally agree with you. That is why exercising will only HELP.

I didn't undergo WLS.  But I went from 180 pounds to 132 pounds in 1 year and 4 months.  That is through exercising regulary and proper diet.  I still have some belly fat, loose skin, and stretch marks at the moment.  But I can see that my excess skin is getting smaller every month.

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on 2/7/11 8:05 pm - OH
Exercise and sweat will NOT help skin "get back to normal".  The skin has both stretched and grown.  Nothing will "un-grow" the skin, and the amount of elasticity -- which governs how much the skin can contract -- is not affected by exercise or sweat.  It is a matter of your age, your genes, how heavy you were, and how long you were heavy.  Exercise can only help build up the muscles below the skin which can make small amounts of extra skin appear more taut.

If exercise and sweat could get rid of extra skin, no one who has had WLS would need plastic surgery.


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