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OMG !!! $77,000.00

on 5/14/10 6:04 pm - Las Vegas, NV
Wowwwww.....Just got my Gastric Bypass breakdown from the hospital billed to the insurance company. I was stunned when I saw the $77,000.00 bill. Thank Gosh for insurance... I don't know what I would do with this type of bill hanging over my head. Anybody else have a hospital bill in the thousands? Boy, this bill had to include charges for "every little step I took" around the nurses station.. hehehe...
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on 5/14/10 6:32 pm
Just got mine also. 56 grand. Two days in the hospital.
on 5/14/10 6:46 pm - Dover, NH
$86K here, although my insurance paid a negotiated fee of only $60K.

Two nights.
on 5/14/10 6:59 pm - Columbus, GA
Self pay (cash) is always so much cheaper than what they bill insurance. They billed mine well over 85 grand (with radiology and anesthesia included), but my insurance only paid like 23K. But the same procedure with the same length of hospital stay for cash/out of pocket was like 16K. 

Pathetic how much they charge insurance these days for things. It's insanity to me. 
Annie E.
on 5/14/10 7:05 pm
WOW! not good cuz my insurance has a cap of fifty thousand.
Don 1962
on 5/15/10 5:55 am
IMHO they are trying to recoup some of the expense of treating indigent patients. 

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on 5/15/10 9:33 am - Columbus, GA
100% agreed.
on 5/14/10 7:30 pm - IN
Mine was almost $80,000, and that doesn't include a $20,000 surgeon charge.  11 days in hospital.
on 5/14/10 7:34 pm - Ormond Beach, FL
Wow, I am still waiting for mine.  I am glad my total out of pocket was only 1,500. 

on 5/15/10 12:30 am - Columbus, GA
Thank God for annual out of pocket maximums. Mine was the same. :) 
on 5/14/10 9:23 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 02/08/10 with

I think I have you all beat.  $98,000.  It was ridiculous.  I had to pay about $450 out of pocket.  I have a $150 for each day in the hospital up to five days, and I was in for three days.


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on 5/14/10 9:24 pm - cincinnati, OH
6 days in the hospital. 106k

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on 5/14/10 9:56 pm
yep, in thr 80's, unfortunatly my insurance caped also and I now owe $11,000.00
on 5/15/10 12:29 am - Columbus, GA

Did you have an annual out of pocket maximum? If you do, your insurance shouldn't require you to pay more. 

Also, you might be able to work out a deal with the hospital regarding the bill, especially if your hospital was in-network with your insurance company.  

on 5/14/10 11:15 pm, edited 5/14/10 11:17 pm
 $12,500 for my RNY, AND it included Airfare, 5 nights in a hotel and 4 nights in a hospital. I guess Mexico was an even better deal than I thought. I was told by Durham Regional Hospital it was $40,000 for RNY.
Teresa S.
on 5/15/10 6:47 am - Simpson, IL
I had mine out of state and not including travel and hotel and such Bill was $61,500.00 total bill ..$42,000 for the hospital and $14,000 for the surgeon and his assistant... the anesthesiologist was $1700.00.. $3800.00 added on to that for the surgery pre-tests and blood work and such at the hospital the week before surgery...  
Thank God for Insurance coverage.. I had to pay $5000.00 deductible up front... and I had to meet another $2000.00 out of pocket....
This amount does not include the testing I did for the 12 months ahead of time like the sleep test study and heart testing and respiratory and EGD and such .. that came to another $8,000.00 at my local hospitals.. I am still paying on those bills.. It was a different insurance and they were put toward deductible with them and I still owe over $5000.00. I will probably be making payments still when I reach my goal weight.. I was hoping to save up for plastics not be paying still for surgery.. aaarrrgggg.....

Yes I think they charge you for every step you take and every breath you take.. but it was all worth it.. I am down 115 lbs total and I have 65 to go.. I have a new life.. a small price to pay in my opinion...

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Brandi F.
on 5/15/10 1:40 pm - Kissimmee, FL
 Mine's still in negotiation.  The self pay cost on the surgeon's web site is 14900.  My bargain insurance paid about 2300.  The hospital said before the surgery my balance owed would be around 5000.  They sent me a bill for over 47000.  Needless to say, I haven't paid.
on 5/15/10 3:08 pm
I had my surgery in RockyMount NC. I just received my bill today and my total was 33,000.00. I had to pay 1000.00 deductible and 2500.00 out of pocket. I think it showed the insurance ended up paying a little over 8000.00 the rest was a write off.
on 5/20/10 8:56 pm
My first hospital bill (not including anesthesia or Dr.'s bill) was 67K.  My bill for my IVC filter was over 15k.  so, Im up over 80k now and havent even got the rest of the bills.  thank GOD for Tricare at no cost to me.
on 5/21/10 12:51 am - Las Vegas, NV
Jana...HEY GIRL!!!!! OK different surgeon but same hospital as you. My  bill a little over 2 years ago was $87,489...Cigna paid $35,000 and Mtn. View took that as paid in full.