Liquid Diet what happens if not followed?

on 6/7/10 12:31 pm
my co-worker is having surgery two days after I have surgery (she told a group of us, I haven't told anyone) , she was put on a liquid diet for 10days but has not followed it to fully.  She has been eating healthier foods but not keeping it liquids.  It is my understanding it is important for one to follow the liquid diet before surgery, what can be the consequences? anyone not follow it and have surgery cancelled? She is really excited about it and wouldn't want to see her not have surgery or fail.

Thanks for your input!

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on 6/7/10 12:48 pm
The purpose of the liquid diet is to prepare you for the temporary amount of time after surgery that you will be on strictly nothing but liquids. I mean if she can't handle it now, hopefully she gets her mind right and cooperate after surgery because she will have no other choice. Also, when your on the liquid diet you will lose alot of weight and it shrinks the liver which is a MUST. Having a fat liver the doctor will not be able to operate around it and I have heard stories where if the doctor begins to operate and notices that the liver is still fat he will stitch you right back up or go to a full open procedure. Or at the last pre op appointment she hasnt lost enough weight they may cancel...who knows
on 6/7/10 12:54 pm
I think the biggest reason for this is to lose weight before surgery so that you can shrink the size of your liver.  From my understanding if your liver istoo big they might need to do an open RNY vs. a lap RNY.
on 6/7/10 1:52 pm - Maple Grove, MN
Do you know that she is being asked to follow a liquid diet?  I know some surgeons require it for two weeks, some ten days, and some like mine, that do not believe in the liquid diet pre surgery.  They require people not to eat the day prior to surgery, but they think it is more important to start losing weight the way one will after surgery.  Not IMMEDIATELY after surgery, but the eating healthier, getting proteins in first, fruits and veggies, cutting bad carbs, and so on.  My WLS team still requires weight to be loss before doing surgery, so I am guessing what is most important is that she loses the amount of weight required of her by her team.
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on 6/7/10 2:02 pm
They told us the liquid diet is to shrink the liver because when the liver shrinks it pulls back and away from the stomach not only giving them a clear view to do the surgery but it als takes out alot of risk of punturing your liver.
on 6/7/10 2:12 pm - Williamsburg, KY
I too was told that the main reason to complete the liquid diet pre-op was to shrink the liver. (though my surgeon does not require it) I think it would also benefit one to prepare for the few weeks following surgery as well! I dont think it would cause her surgery to cancel.
on 6/7/10 2:53 pm - IN
The low carb pre-op diet is to shrink the liver, but the liquid diet is to completely clean out the stomach and intestinal tract so they can operate.

on 6/7/10 8:52 pm - Wilder, VT
The liquid diet is to help srink your liver to make the surgery easier for the surgeon. It reduces the chance of having your liver get nicked (not good) I suppose that it does help prepare you for the liquid diet after surgery but every doctor has their own agenda. Mine has a 1000 cal aday low fat for two weeks before surgery and clear lics the day before. If your comfortable with talking to your co-worker I would remind her of this.
on 6/7/10 10:28 pm - Toledo, OH
My doctor never said anything about a liquid diet pre-op, but I almost wish I would have tried it as he said my liver was pretty big.

Anyone quite a ways out post op, find out good news about their liver shrinking? How long before you see results? I'm wondering if it would be checked again somehow.
on 6/8/10 7:51 am
My surgeon also did not require a pre-op diet, liquid or not. I just had to be NPO (nothing by mouth) since midnight the night before.

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