Seaweed body wraps? Do they really help with loose skin?

on 6/10/10 3:32 am - New Castle, IN
A f riend at work swears seaweed body wraps help with loose skin. She has a friend who lost 200 pounds and has no loose skin she claims bc of body wraps. Anyone have any info on this?

on 6/10/10 4:38 am
If they do, let me know, and I will slather myself in it like the Creature from the Black Lagoon because I have enough loose skin to sail a sailboat with.
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on 6/10/10 12:51 pm - Lake Zurich, IL
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That was my first thought as well!
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on 6/10/10 5:54 am - OH
I'm really skeptical.  I don't see how it could work. 

When we are very overweight, we grow extra skin  to cover our extra big bodies.  We grow skin.  Once you grow skin, there is no way to ungrow it.  At least, that's what my surgeon told me, and it makes sense to me.  How could skin just disappear?  It's not a matter of our skin just stretching.  Skin does stretch some, that's why we get stretch marks.  But that's if we just gain a little weight.  Gain 100 pounds or 200 pounds, and that skin did not just stretch.  You had to grow more skin.

So if skin has just stretched a little, maybe you can do stuff to tighten it up.  Maybe a body wrap would do that.  But how could a body wrap ungrow skin? That doesn't make sense to me.

on 6/10/10 6:33 am - Fremont, OH
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Don't fall for it.. extra is extra and no doubt about it.
The only way to get off a lot of excess skin is to have plastics.

on 6/10/10 9:29 am - IN
No I wouldn't believe that either. Sounds like a quick way to lose $200 though! LOL!
on 6/10/10 11:51 am - Grande Prairie, Canada
I know a lady that lost of bunch of wieght (not from WLS) and she used body wraps and swears by them
on 6/10/10 11:54 am - Owings Mills, MD
I doubt it works but they just started doing them at the gym so I will volunteer to try them...

anyone want to help subsidize this experiment?
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on 6/10/10 10:12 pm - Palmyra, WI
Haven't seen you on the boards in a while--you are looking fantastic!! 

I had one of those toning wraps once--I felt real good but I don't think it eliminated the loose skin.  I think exercise is really the only way to tone the body and what is hanging can be toned to a certain extent.  Removal is the only real alternative.

I had a breast reduction yesterday and for someone that had that, I feel pretty decent.  The chest hurts and I put ice on it like instructed and took a pain pill and slept on my recliner last night.  I am going to find out how much he took off this morning. 
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on 6/11/10 5:44 am - New Castle, IN
Thank you for your replies!

And thank you sylvie! I feel fantastic!

Congrats on the breast lift!