How long does it take your B12 sub-lingual to dissolve?

on 6/10/10 1:39 am - Elk Grove, CA
I'm using the one from BA and it take between 20 - 30 minutes to disolved.   That just seems like too long.  Or is it just about right?

on 6/10/10 1:46 am - San Jose, CA
I use the same and it seems sometime to take 30-45 minutes to dissolve for me.
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on 6/10/10 1:47 am - Cambridge, MA
I've noticed that with the BA.  I switched to Solgar, which dissolve much faster and are available at Vitamin Shoppe.  My B12 levels are way high >2000, so in my experience the Solgar are working okay.

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Krista C.
on 6/10/10 1:53 am - Longwood, FL
I do the shot each month, and the sublingual daily from Wal-mart - they are teeny and take about 3-4 mins to dissolve.  Just had my labs 2 weeks ago and everything was perfect.
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Pam T.
on 6/10/10 1:58 am - Saginaw, MI
I dunno... maybe 15 seconds???

I get mine from Walmart - I think the brand is Spring Valley?? But yes, I've heard the Bariatric Advantage ones don't dissolve very easily.

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Deidra B.
on 6/10/10 2:01 am - Somerset, KY
I get mine from The Vitamin Shoppe and it seems to take mine a while to dissolve as well. On the bottle it says "30 seconds" and well, only in my wildest dreams would it dissolve in that time My levels are great though!
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on 6/10/10 2:03 am - Makawao, HI
I get mine from Celebrate and they disolve in about 20 seconds.
on 6/10/10 2:06 am - Chester, NY
I have the BA ones too. Try jamming your tongue down tightly on top of it, usually helps dissolve faster. But I am switching brands when they run out.

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on 6/10/10 2:17 am - OH
I think some brands take a lot longer than others.  That sounds ridiculously annoying.  I'd try a different brand. 

I don't use a sublingual so I can't suggest which one might be better.  I do shots.

Linda D.
on 6/10/10 2:18 am - Armada, MI
Well... How many licks to the center of a Toostie Pop?

I really don't know because I usually lose patience and end up chomping down on the little bugger (the vitamin B, not the Tootsie Pop) just to make it go away.

Is that bad?