Question about pills and stretching stoma

Pat G.
on 6/13/10 1:29 pm - Benton, LA
I've heard differing opinions about drinking with our meals -- some say it will stretch the stoma, some say the only reason we don't do it is because it makes you get hungry sooner.

I was just taking my calcium supplement and it occurred to me that even the Citrate Petites are much bigger than any food particles I swallow, yet I'm allowed to swallow the tablets with a drink. If drinking with meals will stretch my stoma, why won't swallowing pills with a drink stretch my stoma?
on 6/13/10 1:33 pm - IN
I seriously doubt drinking with meals will stretch your stoma. Drinking with meals WILL flush food through before it's time. Food needs to stay in the pouch as long as the pouch will allow - to digest and nourish your body.
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 6/13/10 1:34 pm - OH
The primary reason for chewing everything is not so you do not stretch the stoma, but because you no longer have all the stomach juices/acids to help dissolve your food before it goes into the intestine, so you have to rely on chewing everything well (and allowing the saliva to break it down as much as possible).

I have never heard of concerns with pills stretching the stoma.  Many people are able to take regular sized calcium tablets...


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Judi J.
on 6/13/10 1:35 pm - MN
drinking with the meals pushes the food through your stomach faster so you get hungry sooner. Our pyloric valve which is the part of the stomach that opens and shuts the door, is bypassed so we have to do this.

a long term post op who no longer posts here said her doctor showed her a study that folks with more regain almost all were drinking with their meals.

my husband, who is 4 years out put on 5 pounds when he was 2 years out. He had quit waiting the half hour, was getting hungry sooner, and was eating more. He went back to waiting at least a half hour and he lost the weight.

It is the food being pushed through that may or may not stretch your stomach.

sometimes you may have to take a sip during a meal, we ARE human! but I really try to follow the drinking thing (unless I am on vacation and really want some wine with my meal but I'm 3 years out)

Andrea U.
on 6/13/10 1:36 pm - Wilson, NC
The idea behind the arguement about drinking with meals and stretching the stoma (which, btw, I drink with my meals and my stoma is great.. I have the pix to prove it) is that the fluids can push a large piece of food through, possibly stretching it.

Now, personally, my stoma is pretty damned picky.  It won't even let APPLESAUCE go through without foaming (yeah, I'm not kidding.  Someone test me sometime.) and veggies just are a no go most of the time as well.  If something gets stuck?  No amount of fluid is going to pu**** through.  Nor will standing on my head (tried a yoga move, actually.. amazing what you'll do when you're desperate), jumping up and down, or adding more food will help.

The calcium pills, btw, break up REALLY quickly.  I did an experiment with them to prove it, too.  Lookie here.
on 6/13/10 3:11 pm - Suffern, NY
My surgeon says it can cause the food to go through too fast making your hungry sooner and in some cases it can actually cause dumping.  It can also cause the stoma and stomach to stretch causing your to gain weight back faster down the road - one of the main reasons people gain there weight back after a number of years.  I occasionally take a sip or 2 but that is it.


on 6/13/10 3:25 pm - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
I don't think WE can stretch a stoma. In long termers, what I see is more of Dr X's have this issue. More of Dr W's have issues with strictures. But Dr. Y's seemto have restriction years later.

I don't think it is the patient, the doctor or eat/drink. But it is the method used to MAKE the stoma. I was reading a bunch of studies on same in the truck while rolling until we got where we were going. LOL

The differences in the studies were to do with equipment and method.

That said, drinking while eating basically quadruples your volume. If you eat/sip/eat/sip, you are turning every bite into "soup".

Stomachs don't absorb anything but sugar. And ours don't even digest very well. Kinda small for that big job.

So, the bottom line is what you fear. Drinking WHILE eating can pudge you up, yep.

RNY, distal, 10/5/94 

P.S.  My year + long absence has NOTHING to do with my WLS, or my type of WLS. See my profile.

on 6/15/10 4:32 am - Blountville, TN
i have been worried about swallowing the citracals also. they are really big. and my doctor told me to definitely not to drink 30 min before or after eating.