Woke up with intense burning in throat!

on 6/18/10 7:55 pm
I woke up a few minutes ago from a sudden intense burning in my throat!  It felt like I had swallowed or inhaled acid! I am still having the most horrible heart burn I have ever experienced in my life!  I was having trouble breathing too.  I am afraid to go back to sleep.  Has any one experienced this?  Any ideas of what would of caused this?  It had been more than 9 hours since I had eaten dinner. I wonder what would stop the burning.  Water hasn't.  Maybe some tums? 
on 6/18/10 10:01 pm - Canada
Could it be reflux?   ...old fashioned heart-burn?   It happen to me if I lie down and my stomach still hasn't emptied yet.   But call your doc to be sure.
on 6/18/10 10:22 pm - Bath, MI
I'm sorry you are so miserable.  I thought RNY is supposed to HELP heartburn/reflux?  I have severe reflux now and am hoping my upcoming surgery will help.  What have others heard/experienced?
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on 6/18/10 10:54 pm - Waynesville, NC
 Are you taking Nexium or any other anti-acid relief? My surgeon said I would need it up to 6 months out. I have not had any heartburn at all but I take Nexium nightly.

All the best!
Frances S.
on 6/18/10 11:41 pm - Crystal Falls, MI
 I would call your doctor to be sure.  I have never had anything remotely resembling reflux after surgery.  The acid from your other stomach doesn't even meet up with your food until it all reaches the small intestines.

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on 6/19/10 1:14 am - Santa Cruz, CA
I recently had an episode or two of this and my surgeon said it was acid reflux;  I was told not to eat or drink before sleeping, and I take an occasional Prilosec OTC if I do so inadvertantly.  I also sleep with my head raised, not below my heart.

Hasn't happened since.

It's an awful taste, isn't it??
on 6/19/10 3:01 am
 I had reflux like that all the time before surgery....I only have it occasionally now and not as bad..I took nexium before and I continue to take it and I have read most people are supposed to take an acid reducer for 6 months after RNY.
You should call you Dr and get something if it is this bad.
Mylanta OTC is good.

your friend, Deb