my insides hurt. help

Darlene W.
on 6/24/10 5:45 am - Arcata, CA
it feels like my intestines but not sure what is going on.  This has been going on for a couple months.  Anybody have any ideas? I go to my dr in two weeks but I have gained 35 lbs and dread going.  Anyway anyone else ever have that problem?
on 6/24/10 5:51 am - Highlands, TX
My first thought...and twisted bowels. Please don't wait to have it checked out, pain in the guts is nothing to mess around with! I know going in showing a gain is embarrassing, it kept me out of Dr.s offices for years but please don't put your health at risk for it any longer.
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Darlene W.
on 6/24/10 5:52 am - Arcata, CA
thank you Dee..I will call and make my appointment. I just had my labs done yesterday so I have to wait at least a week.  not good.
on 6/24/10 5:57 am - Highlands, TX
Why do you have to wait, this isn't related to your labs. Unless of course insurance is involved...they couldn't care less! Do what you can but if the pain gets worse, please go to the ER. Let me know how it goes...I'm worried!
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Includes 61lbs lost before surgery

H.A.L.A B.
on 6/24/10 5:54 am
RNY on 05/14/08 with
It may depends when and how it hurts.  there is a different pains - it can be anything or nothing - just gas.  Glad you go to the doc.   
i.e. my ulcer is just acting up again.   - so I hurt - if I eat or drink anything, or when i do not drink or eat anything,  The pain is different depends on what I ate - drunk, the temperature and the consistency of the food.  But - having hernia, and GB issue  - i know it is ulcer - or look - alike... And since I was - still I am recovering from upper resp. infection and took stuff for that - that probably aggravate the ulcer -  so now - I need to take care of it... darn...  
When yo go to the doc - make notes - how it hurts - where exactly hurts, does not food or drink make it worse - or better - how long after you eat it hurts - what did you eat - before you started hurting, does anything that you do (i.e.curling up, or breathing, or massaging that area, etc) makes it better or worse, etc. etc.  When you have that - it may be easier for the doc to diagnose you without having to run more tests that you may need. 

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on 6/24/10 5:58 am - Highlands, TX
All excellent adice..... The voice of experience!
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Includes 61lbs lost before surgery

Darlene W.
on 6/24/10 6:14 am - Arcata, CA
it hurts all of the time whether I eat or don't eat or drink.  thank you so much for your help.  I don't eat dairy product.  I quit that thinking it might be that.  but you are right I will write down everything and call the dr right now and make an appointment.  I will keep in touch and let you guys know. thank you again.
Darlene W.
on 6/24/10 6:46 am - Arcata, CA
ok I have a drs appt on july 15 so I will come let you know what is going on...
(deactivated member)
on 6/24/10 6:48 am - NJ
I just had some adhesions removed last month, they caused pain like I have never had (up there or even equal to labor pains).

They started bothering me in October, but then not again till January.  Then it was on and off, I thought dairy intolerance too.  Until I had two episodes that were so painful that I couldn't stand up straight.  

I went to my PCP who ran some tests - the abdominal ultrasound, upper GI (with the barium - blech) and lastly an abdominal CT scan.  All of which revealed nothing, so I called my surgeon's office and was in surgery a week later.  

The adhesions had just started to grow into my intestines (or twist them - I don't exactly remember) but in any case I had them out before they started to cause serious trouble.

It is so nice to be pain free!
(deactivated member)
on 6/24/10 9:00 am - Fountain Valley, CA
Jennifers right, it could be's good you made an appointment, don't let the weight gain stop you from going, if it gets worse you should go to the E.R.
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