pureed diet ideas for riccotta cheese and refried beans

on 6/25/10 3:28 am
Just had my surgery and will be able to start pureed foods next Wed.  Two things on my diet list are riccotta and refried beans.  I need some real quick ideas on how to make these 2 foods on a pureed diet. 
on 6/25/10 3:34 am - Baltimore, MD
Do you have ramekins? You can put some Italian seasoning and spaghetti sauce in there and do "faux lasagna." That's actually pretty good. Not sure if you are allowed shredded cheese but that can go on top.

Refried beans, I like them as is but sometimes I put some cayenne in there and some Mexican blend cheese and go to town!

Ricotta can also be made sweet with sugar-free syrups. Infusing those into your ricotta (especially with just a little lemon zest or something) can be really good.
on 6/25/10 8:53 am
 What's in faux lasagna?

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on 6/25/10 9:09 am - Baltimore, MD
Ricotta cheese, spaghetti sauce and mozzarella.

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Angie H.
on 6/25/10 4:05 am - Brooklet, GA
I haven't had surgery yet, but in trying new things before my surgery I mixed ricotta cheese with peaches (frozen no sugar) and a packet of splenda in the blender and blended it up really good, then stuck it in the freezer for about 45 mins. It tasted like peaches and cream icecream. I don't know if you can have peaches yet but I blended mine really good and it was very smooth going down.
on 6/25/10 4:19 am - Lake Zurich, IL
RNY on 12/16/09 with
I used the refried beans with pureed chicken (I found that the Tyson white meat in a can pureed down easily), a splash of taco sauce, and a little bit of melted shredded cheese.

It's my new comfort food at 6 months out because it was SO GOOD so early out.
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Mara C.
on 6/25/10 6:42 am - Millbury, MA

My very favorite meal at that time was refried beans with a little salsa, cheese, and sour cream on top warmed in the micro for a quick warming.  It was HEAVEN!

The other thing that went down real well for me then were eggbeaters cooked so they were still a little soft, with a little salt and pepper....mmmmm

Good luck, you'll get creative but everything tastes devine when you've come off liquids!!

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