How long can you go without protein?

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on 7/31/10 7:01 pm
 I tend to get an arrhythmia, PVCs.  How long can you go without much (or any) protein, before it starts affecting things.  I've not been drinking much, at all....approx. 30-40 oz. liquid.  Every other day maybe 30 gms protein...some days none.  I started getting some PVCs....obviously, lack of nutrition. (and can't eat, due to the esophagus issue).  I'm holding on, until I see a GI doctor, this Tuesday.  The pain and vomiting had become more than I could handle.
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on 7/31/10 9:14 pm
You neeed to get as much in as possible. Remember, that the body needs protein to function properly, and if it isn't getting any from diet, it WILL pull some out of your storage (muscle) and your HEART is a muscle.

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on 7/31/10 10:29 pm - Columbia City, IN
I have PAC's, PVC's and tachycardia.  Just started on Toprol XL.  I get protein about every 3 hours and try for 110+ grams a day.  I get 120+ oz fluid a day.

My potassium is low so cardiologist told me to use NoSalt (potassium chloride) instead of salt.

Also, not stimulants - nicotine or caffeine.  I don't smoke, but did use caffeine.  I still use green tea, but not more black tea or full leaded coffee.

Cardiologist dosn't think my arrythmia has anything to do with my RNY.
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on 8/1/10 5:14 am - OH
Not very long.  You'll start getting some effects in just a couple days, probably, but things get worse the longer you go without it.

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Only 30 ounces of fluids and 30grams of protein is to put it bluntly, dangerous and if you arent' already, you are going to be dehydrated and malnurished very soon. I can't give you a timeline but it isn't very long for fluids. You need to get 64 ounces of fluids daily or you will get dehydrated. If you are having PVC's then your lack of fluids and protein are already affecting your heart. When your protein levels get low enough, they will steal from your muscles to give you energy and your heart if a muscle. If you can't eat, then drink protein shakes - do something. If you like Tea, coffee or no sugar added hot chocolate, add protein powder to them. I add a scoop and a half of chocolate Whey protein my no sugar added hot chocolate and I get 35 grams of protein for 1 mug of hot chocolate. It is delicious and I do this 2 times per day. Not only do I get the protein, but it also gives me 40 ounces of fluids. You can also get powder packets that you can add to water bottles to make them taste better. They come in all flavors and they are sugar free and usually 5-10 calories per bottle. I love the sugar free snapple fruit punch - it also comes in Crystal light - lots of flavors. Vitamin Water Zero and G2 are also good options.

Talk to your GI doctor when you see him and ask if he can arrange for you to get some IV fluids. Tell him that you haven't been able to get in the necessary fluids and you think you have become dehydrated. Maybe he can help you.


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on 8/2/10 5:15 am
 Thanks, everyone!  Appreciate your answers.  Will any protein powder, mix in a hot drink?
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on 8/2/10 8:29 am - OH
You have to mix it in something cool or warm first (below 130-135 degrees) otherwise the protein will turn into a disgusting, clumpy, inedible mess.  I mix protein powder into SF hot chocolate mix almost every morning (except during REALLY hot weather) and as long as I can stand to put my finger in the water without it feeling very hot, I'm ok on the temperature for the protein powder.


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