weight loss after 1.5 year post op?????

on 8/2/10 5:26 am
is it possible to lose weight with the same diet after 1.5 year after gastric bypass. ive basically fell off track for the past 4 months. im wondering if i do the same things as b4 will i be able to jump start  the weight loss.
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 8/2/10 5:36 am - OH
Sure, it's possible -- just as it is possible for anyone who has never had WLS to lose weight --  and going back to basics (protein first, no drinking with meals, exercise, etc.) is definitely your best bet, but unfortunately you will not have any help from malabsorption of calories at a year and a half out.

Good luck.


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on 8/2/10 5:45 am - Brooklyn, NY
at what point does malabsorbing stop?

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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 8/2/10 5:49 am - OH
By about  12-18 months out, the body has adapted.  We apparently never lose ALL of the malabsorption, but lose most of it.


10 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.

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on 8/2/10 5:51 am
RNY on 11/29/10 with
The malabsorption doesn't last? I thought that was permanent? (I am pre-op.)

on 8/2/10 6:03 am
Nope, the body adapts. You effectively lose most of it within 12-18 mos. You always malabsorb a *****ence the need for copious amounts of vitamins and whatnot) but not much further out.
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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 8/2/10 6:08 am - OH
The vitamin malabsorption is permanent; the caloric/fat malabsorption is NOT (and, unfortunately, we are discovering that lots of surgeons are NOT telling patients this... which, to me, is highly unethical).

If we continued to malabsorb as we do immediately after surgery, we would all starve to death.


10 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.

MSW will not settle
on 8/2/10 6:14 am
You will always malabsorb.  Anything normally absorbed through the bypassed portion of your intestine will be malabsorbed for life.  However, over time the body adjusts and absorbs greater calories than it could immediately after your wls. 

This is why it is important to develop good new life habits as a new post op.  There is no definitive measure of how much malabsorption you may retain over your lifetime.  Depending on malabsorption to keep the weight off is a set up for long term re gain.  The first two post op years is your window of opportunity for change. 
MSW will not settle
on 8/2/10 5:57 am
Get back on your program.  Many of us folks will have ups and downs for the rest of our lives.  Fortunately we can always go back to basics. 

I'm in a similar spot.  I got slammed with drug induced weight gain and hormonal issues so its back to wl mode for me too.  Not even a minute to relax at goal. 

How much mal absorption is happening is impossible to tell but I've always place my reliance on managing my calorie deficit.  Even as a newbie I did not loose like one.  A year and a half out we'll do just fine if we stick with the basics and manage our diet and exercise so we maintain a reasonable calorie deficit.  I have no doubt these pounds will drop off for us both.  

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Pam T.
on 8/2/10 6:56 am - Saginaw, MI
Yes, it's possible.  For some help, here are a couple posts that might help

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