Calculating excess weight

on 8/4/10 8:02 am
How do I calculate my excess weight?   I will be in a "normal" BMI range when I weigh 159 lbs.  I started out at 333 lbs.  So, is 174 lbs my "excess" weight?   Or is it calculated another way?


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i too would like to know, i am curious to see what the answers will be
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My Suregon told me to do it this way, hope it makes sense:

Subtract my goal weight from my starting weight.  That is my excess weight.  Multiply the excess weight by 50%  that is how much i need to lose and keep off  at 2 years out to be considered a WLS "Sucess" in his practice.

So doing the math, Using myself as an example:  Starting weight 363, Goal weight 135. 
363-135=228.   228*0.5=114.  Magic number to be a WLS Sucess in his practice, to  have maintained a 114 pound loss on October 14, 2010.  I have currently lost more than that, and am still losing.  So I guess I am a Sucess in my surgeons eyes.

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Thanks for sharing this!! 

I started at 330, at 5'8, to be "normal" I'd have to be 164. So to date I have lost almost over 65% of my excess weight! Wow. What new and exciting way to look at things!
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on 8/4/10 9:41 am
Hmm.  Kind of tricky if you have a surgeon that hasn't set a specific goal weight for you (nothing against him on this - in fact I think it's quite practical).  But personally, my goal is to hit 180 before exploring plastics.  I started at 380, am 5'8" and have a larger bone structure.  While the BMI charts say 180 is still overweight for me, knowing how other family members with similar structures look around that weight - I'd be thrilled.  So do I use my goal weight of 180 to calculate this or a goal weight that is set by BMI charts?  If I use my own goal, I'm already just about at 75% lost.  Which feels dannnng good ;-)
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on 8/4/10 1:08 pm
I'm not sure how to calculate excess weight!  I mean isn't excess weight just what you'll be losing?  or is excess weight any weight that puts you above a certain level on your BMI?  Not sure! 

My surgeon set a goal for me of 190 (I'm 5'8" -like Michelle!).  He stated to me that he wanted me at that weight in a year (starting weight was 326) and then we would talk about plastics and a hernia repair.  He thinks I'll lose another 25 lbs when I have that surgery so, I'd say my goal weight is ultimately 165 so is my excess weight 161 lbs?  LOL  Wow!  Suddenly I feel like I have a LONG way to go! 

Best of luck!
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Excess Weight Lost

From WLSWiki - Weight Loss Surgery Wiki

Excess weight lost (EWL) is a formula to determine during weight loss how much progress has been made along the way.

In the most simplest of terms, imagine a person's ideal weight was 100 pounds. Now, their current weight happens to be 200 pounds.

200 - 100 = 100 pounds excess weight

As this person loses weight, we can use the formula to determine what percentage of the 100 pounds of excess weight they have lost at any given time to mark their progress.

SW = starting weight

CW = current weight

IW = ideal weight (normal BMI)

(SW - CW) / (SW - IW) x 100 = percent excess weight lost


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