How much is a "sip" of liquid?

Beth L.
on 8/9/10 9:43 am - Indianapolis, IN
The subject says it all - how much is a sip? I know what it means for me to sip, but what if it's too much or too fast between sips?

Any advice to drinking and not hurting?

I'm a pre-op with surgery tentatively scheduled for early September.
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on 8/9/10 9:53 am - Howell, MI
I don't mean to sound silly, but you will find out just how much a sip is for you as you drink. I had a hard time figuring it out at first - well, actually, I would forget and drink normally, then OUCH! ou will soon learn and fast!

Good luck with the surgery!!! I do not regret mine on the least!!!!
Jane N.
on 8/9/10 10:35 am - Round Rock, TX
I'm one week out from surgery and still working on the proper sip.  I actually do better with my shakes and soups than I do with my water.  I guess because the shakes and soups are slightly thicker so they slide down a little slower.  I've also noticed some days I have an easier/harder time swallowing than the next day.  I'm assuming I'll eventually get it down and not even think about it anymore; and so will you.

on 8/9/10 11:01 am
I was sipping very small sips and as the days went by, I took bigger sips.  Now at 6 weeks post, I can drink pretty normal to what I did before but when I take too big of one, then it seems to feel 'stuck' until it goes down.  I still eat with a baby spoon though.  I am not trained enough and want to take a bigger bite than what I should take. 

I can get almost all my water in now where before, there was no way.

Good luck on your surgery.


on 8/9/10 11:01 am
Thank you for asking the question! It has been on my mind and I felt like maybe it was obvious to everyone but me! I'm 3 weeks pre-op and will be doing the sip-sip-sip thing.
on 8/9/10 11:20 am - Point Reyes Station, CA
I asked this same question a month or so back.
Best advise I got. Use a medicine cup to portion your "sips" from. At first you should be drinking 1oz (1 medicine cup) of liquid every 15 minutes. So a sip would be a portion of this medicine cup, not the whole thing at once.
on 8/9/10 11:40 am - Battle Creek, MI
A sip is between 15 & 30 ml's. You will be given a medicine cup and half of it will be 15ml you will be asked to gradually go up to 30ml (a full cup).
Good luck.. I use a sippie cup with the suction piece seems to work great.

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on 7/4/12 5:01 am - Canada
Sipping, what's that? LOL

I have my moments with it.

I just need to refer to the Dr. Kuri page to look that info up.

So unless you have a baby spoon, I do but where did it go?

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 7/4/12 5:23 am - OH
As long as the amount of liquid that you swallow does not cause you any discomfort, it doesn't matter how big it is. If t causes diacomfort, it is too big for you and you should take smaller sips.  Many people, by the way, have no problem drinking very normally very soon after surgery.


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on 7/4/12 5:35 am - Redwood City, CA
RNY on 04/02/12
I was able to take pills in the hospital with no problem even with the 1 ounce cup of liquid. I was about 3 weeks out when I was able to drink pretty normally. I took it slow more out of fear that I would hurt myself and my new pouch until one day I was thirsty and took a drink and it was like whoa... that was a normal drink and it didn't hurt! You will learn your pouch and what it likes and doesn't pretty quickly. Good luck with your upcoming journey!