Reversing roux-en-y

on 8/18/10 11:50 am
Help..... I am looking at having to have my bypass reversed completely.  I have had so many surgeries including but not limited to bowel blockages, malnutrion, revision, hernias, adhesions etc...  So I am searching for any info on total reversals.  Anything will be helpful.  Also looking for Dr in MD who has done these.  Thanks.  Laura
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on 8/18/10 12:21 pm - OH
I know that it CAN be reversed, but that even many revision surgeons will not do a reversal.  I would first find out if your insurance will cover a reversal because it will undoubtedly be extremely expensive.  I would look specifically for surgeons who specialize in WLS revisions (perhaps inquire on the OH revisions board) and call their offices to ask if they do reversals or if they can refer you to a surgeon who does.

I'm sorry that you have had so many issues.


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on 8/18/10 12:23 pm
Been around these boards for a few I'll take a shot.  Just my input...2 cents...take it with a grain of salt and all that.
First, yes the RNY can be reversed.  It is major surgery.  Most WLS surgeons were general surgeons for many years before they became WLS surgeons.  It is complicated and with it's risks...among the major issues is weight regain.
This next thing I hope you don't take in the wrong way...because it sounds like you have been through a lot.  All of these complications could very well be in your past and may not crop up again.  Of course you would have to stay on top of your vitamins and labs.  But if you are losing and your surgeon thinks many of these things are in the may want to wait and see what happens.  What does your surgeon say??  Brian
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on 8/18/10 12:59 pm - Saginaw, MI
Laura - 

Definitely check the Revisions Board -- they might have some help in finding a surgeon in your area. Or the MD boards?

As for the bowel blockages, hernia and adhesions -- those are not necessarily RNY specific complications. Those can happen with ANY abdominal surgery and you'd still be at risk for those complications with a revision or reversal. 

Malnutrition -- you had surgery for malnutrition? I'm curious about what that mean exactly. Can you tell me more about it? Or do you mean that you've got vitamin deficiencies as a result of the RNY? If so, we've got some pretty experienced folks here who might help review your labs and vitamin routine to make sure you're on the right track with getting those corrected. 

Revision -- do you mean that you've already had a revision surgery?  What's your history of WLS? Did you have something else before RNY?

We're here to help.  Hopefully someone will come along with info on a surgeon on MD who can see you for a consultation. 

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on 5/4/15 9:21 am

I have a friend that had a Rouen-en-y surgery she is over a year out, she recently almost died due to being so malnutrition that eat was eating her muscles. She can't even walk she has to rebuild her hole life. She is in a home health care facility now. Her surgeon offered to reverse this surgery but what are the cons of surgery? Is there higher risk then having any abdominal surgeries? Any information please need help!!


on 6/29/16 10:00 am - Ashland, KY

i was dying from malnutrition and muscle wasting, required a pacemaker and so thin i could not walk. i had my gastric bypass in 2006, had a reversal in march 2011, and even thouhg some health effects are lasting, such as atrophied heart muscle and pancreas, i am thriving now and have my life back.  the surgeon was dr jeffrey allen in louisville ky, he was excellent


on 12/26/16 1:28 pm

Hello, my hubby just had his Roux en y reversed. Open procedure due to adhesions unable to do laparscopic.  He is 12 years out from initial surgery.  He was experiencing intractable vomiting, and found to have bowel blockage and it was backing up into the remenant stomach.  So now he is reversed and is bavk in the hospital because he continues to vomit green bile, even after eating solid foods 2hrs after eating he vomits bile.  He is passing gas, belching, having bowel movements.  They tell us that it will take time because the stomach that had not been used in 12 years has to start working???  Wondering how you were post reverseal and did it take time for you to tolerate food?  Did you have to start with the post bariatric surgery diet with small meals?  He is getting weak because his nutrition is poor.  

on 8/18/10 1:00 pm - Ranson, WV
Your not alone I want one also. Talked to the doctor somewhat about it he said most doctors who will reverse the RNY, will not do it until the patient is at least a year out. How far out are you, if you do not mind me asking? I am looking to have mine reversed also. I would rather have all my weight back, and loose it again myself. I have just been through so much already in the first two months. I am ready to pull my damn hair out.
on 8/18/10 1:25 pm
What are the problems you are having, if you don't mind me asking.  You are still pretty new post op.  Hopefully things will get better for you.

For the record, I understand wanting to have the WLS reversed.  I had a DS in 2002 and I was having terrible diarrhea for years and I couldn't take anymore.  My surgeon did lengthen my common channel so I no longer have diarrhea.  I also had my stomach made smaller because I didn't want to gain any more weight.  I already gained back 100 lbs.  But I would have had the surgery no matter what because my quality of life was so poor.

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on 8/18/10 7:42 pm - Apopka, FL

    I am so sorry to hear that you are having it so rough.  I kind of kept up with you a bit and hoped that the problems would have worked themselves out.  I know you have heard it over and over, but if you can manage to just hang in there you may find that the complications will come to an end.  Know that I have you in my thoughts and prayers!
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