How many stool softeners should I take?

Karly Green
on 8/25/10 4:52 am - Middletown, NJ
 I am (was) so constipated I had to leave work early. 
Since surgery on the 2nd I've averaged a bowel movement about once every 5 days. I mentioned this to my Dietician and she said to take stool softeners. 
How many do I take a day?

How do you stay regular this early out? 

I had a bm today (finally) and it hurt so bad I was practically crying.
I took one stool softener.

Please Help!
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on 8/25/10 4:57 am
i take 3 a day.....EVERY day!  but i also took them before my surgery! 
Blessings,  J
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on 8/25/10 4:58 am - Lebanon, OH
I take 5 but you are early out and not eating much. I would say 1 or 2 and see if it gets better.
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on 8/25/10 5:18 am
Do not let yourself go that long.  This was one of my main issues post op.  My constipation became so severe I developed a hemorrhoid in January.  I could not get an appointment to  see the gastroenterologist until March.  For 10 weeks it was a real problem.  On occasion, I had to take pain medication because It hurt so badly; at times I could not sleep.  Finally one week prior to my appointment, it retracted.  The bariatric nurse thought I might require a  a procedure to remedy the hemorrhoid.  Call your clinic.

My bariatric nurse told me to use enemas, if necessary and above all stay regular.  Multiple items were suggested, but this is what works for me.  I take 3 stool softeners each and every day.  I drink Miralax several times weekly, and if it appears I am getting constipated, I drink  it every day.  If I miss a day having a bowel movement (even with all that) my stool becomes unusually hard and difficult to pass.  If I miss one day, I will take 2 Dulcolax laxatives the following day.  I rarely have to do that.  The stool softeners and Miralax work well.  But if I forget to take the stool softeners and don't drink the Miralax, I will have a problem 

on 8/25/10 5:44 am - Tucson, AZ
I take 4 colace a day, 1 in the morning and 3 in the evening so I can get enough water in so they can do me some good.  I also put 2 heaping tablespoons of Benefiber in my coffee first thing in the morning to help get things going.  If not, I, like you, will be miserable. 


on 8/25/10 6:22 am - Haverhill, MA
 I have been having problems too and was told to take 1 stool softener a day and an over the counter fiber pill a day.
on 8/25/10 6:27 am - Broken Arrow, OK
I am a couple weeks ahead of you and the constipation was a bit of surprise to me. Presurgery I had a little irritable bowel and never ever had constipation. I take just one stool softener every other day and it has helped enough. You have to remember you are not eating much right now so you probably aren't making much stool. I wouldn't take more than one a day at first and see if that is enough. Mine also has gotten better as I have been able to meet fluid goals easier now. Remember too that laxatives can cause you to always need them but stool softeners will not make you dependent on them. Good luck.
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Pam M.
on 8/25/10 6:48 am - WA
You are bringing back memories of my horrible constipation that happened to me at about a month out from surgery. It sucks, I know.

For maintenance, I take 4 stool softeners a day, 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 2 in the evening. Make sure you take them with plenty of water. In addition, I take 1,000 mg. magnesium oxide a day, 250 in the morning, 250 in the afternoon, 500 in the evening. I take them with the stool softener. This is the formula that works for me. If you are still having problems, try adding a dose of Miralax in the evening. I have found that I don't need the Miralax, though.

My boyfriend, who has not had the surgery, also had a problem with constipation, and I was worried about his laxative use. I got him on my magnesium oxide/stool softener routine, and he has not had to use a laxative since. It really does work.

Good luck!

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Pam M.
on 8/25/10 6:55 am - WA

~My story on my revision to RNY from the lap-band is in my profile~



on 8/25/10 2:13 pm
I take 3 benefiber tablets a day (morn, noon and evening) for Fiber and have been pretty regular.
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