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Feeling cold after surgery

on 10/21/10 10:59 am - Oswego, NY
This is actually the husband posting.  My wife had her surgery on tuesday morning and has come home today.  Since she has been home, she has felt extremely cold.  She is currently in bed with a heavy comforter and a smaller blanket over her.  Is this a normal occurence?  I'm a bit of a worrier :)
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on 10/21/10 11:05 am - Fleetwood, PA
Does she have a fever?  If not, no worries.  Get used to it.  She will be freezing ALL THE TIME from now on. I take a hoodie into a restaurant with me when it is 99 degrees outside.  

How sweet you are to support her so much! 
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Karen RN P.
on 10/21/10 12:56 pm - Galesburg, MI
 It is normal to feel cold post op.  I am an RN and anyone receiving general anesthesia will feel cold post op.  I had RNY on 9/14/10 and am experiencing the cold also.  I asked my surgeon and he said it's because "You've lost some insulation."  I live in Michigan so I'm not looking forward to winter now!  Hope this helps.
Karen RN
Stacey N.
on 10/21/10 11:10 am - Chesapeake, VA
As long as she is not running a fever and is not showing signs of infection, yes it is normal. I did balance out though after the first month, I feel alot better and nowhere near as cold.

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on 10/21/10 11:13 am - Rochester, NY
I too was FREEZING when I came home--which is completely NOT me! I echo the others--as long as there's no fever just let her bundle up and rest!
on 10/21/10 11:22 am - Oswego, NY
Thanks for the replies.  The first thing I did was take her temperature.  97.9F so all is good.  Everything went beautiful while she was at the hospital, just want to make sure it continues at home :)
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Pam T.
on 10/21/10 11:35 am - Saginaw, MI
Like others have said, as long as she's not running a temp, the cold is normal. Here's why:

** Reduced calories. What is a calorie? It's a measure of how much heat it takes to raise the temperature of water. So fewer calories means less body heat being generated by the body.

** Reduced insulation. Although she may not have lost much weight just yet, she will. And fat is a great insulation for our bodies. But as she loses weight, she'll also lose her permenant winter coat that keeps her overheated all the time.

I'm 3 years post-op and I remember that first winter after surgery. I was so cold it was literally painful for my skin to be exposed to anything other than cozy warmness. It took about 18 months before I started to notice that the bitter coldness went away some. But I'm still cold by nature even so far out from surgery. My mom had WLS 7 years ago and she still gets cold easily too.  It's just a new part of life after WLS.

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Pamela S.
on 10/21/10 11:38 am - Virginia Beach, VA
Very common. I'm still cold.
Pamela S.
on 10/21/10 11:39 am - Virginia Beach, VA
on 10/21/10 11:53 am
RNY on 06/08/09 with
I'm 16 months out and I'm always cold...... except when I'm having a hot flash!  LOL.  Right now, I'm wearing two t-shirts, a sweat shirt, leggings and socks.... and I'm still chilly!   I never realized when I was obese how much the excess fat was making me hot!

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on 10/21/10 12:07 pm - Long Beach, CA
This is actually something I look forward to. I'm a polar bear and always have been, so if this is a change my body decides to make, I think I'll be happy. As someone hot you can only take off so much (especially when overweight due to my insecurity), but when you're cold I could definitely keep bundling up. I'm hoping that soon I'll start feeling cooler, but I feel like I heat up easily still...hope it starts making me cool down soon.

Hope you and your wife and reach a happy medium. As for my husband and I, I'm hot so the AC stays on and he has to put on a sweatshirt and socks :P
Just Ducky
on 10/21/10 1:38 pm - Belleville, IL
As everyone else mentioned, as long as there is no fever, it seems quite common. Myself (complete personal theory here...) I think it may be the body shaking off the last of the anethesia and other drugs/chemicals that go into your body.

The first 4-5 days I was home from surgery (in the middle of a 99 degree SUMMER!) I was FREEZING cold. On day 5 I actually just started shivering and sweating all over late at night (like someone breaking a fever, but I had no fever...) I fell asleep and the next day when I woke up I felt GREAT! In fact it was teh first day I really felt no pain, no nausea, no cold, no discomfort it was like my whole body just suddenly "woke up".

I was someone who could be a furnace before surgery (You could have cooked eggs on my stomach...The husband calls me his personal heat rock). And I had the 5 days of being cold, and then once my body restarted and kicked back into life again I went right back to sweating and being hot all the time :) LOL!

Here it is getting colder, I have lost a huge chunk of weight and I am actually just as hot if not more so than before! So not everyone gets colder, unfortunately. I am always jealous when I hear about all these cold blooded folks
Annie E.
on 10/21/10 2:02 pm
This is sooooo funny of a topic cuz I'm going through the exact SAME thing and my husband keeps laughing cuz I'm froze all the time and I used to stay hot, never wore a coat in the winter, only a hoodie.  Now I'm in sweats, socks, blanket, etc. and still cold.  I literally was shivering going to bed the other night.  Hope it don't last forever LOL.
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on 10/21/10 2:45 pm
I've been cold since WLS, almost seven years ago. I wear wool socks in the SUMMERTIME. (*grin*)
on 10/21/10 5:33 pm - Edgar, WI
I'm so glad I'm not the only one.  I am so cold all the time and no matter what I do I can't seem to warm up.  My husband has threatened to move out of the bedroom because he can't sleep due to the number of quilts (3) I have on the bed.  I also go to bed in my heavy robe and socks.  I live in Wisconsin and I am not looking forward to this winter.  If I can't warm up in the fall I know it's going to be a very long winter.
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