Broth - clear liquids PRE-OP! yuck!!!

on 11/12/10 11:19 am
 Okay, so today was day 1 of 3 for Pre-Op clear liquid diet, I have had a massive headache ALL day...I guess that is to be expected.

Jell-o, okay the first two times around but by 4pm Jell-o wants to make me sick.  

So I reach for the broth for something warm for lunch, holy heck is that stuff NASTY plain.  I was telling my mother about how gross it was, she suggested the broth from cooking Ramen Noodles, my son ate the noodles and I sit here with a steaming bowl of *broth* in front of me.

I need opinions before I go buy more Ramen Noodles.   IS this considered a CLEAR BROTH?!


Luke's Momma
on 11/12/10 11:37 am - mattoon , IL
I use what is called soup base. It is near the boullion cubes and it is easily disolved in warm water and I think that the flavor is good. Also you can have popsicles, and there are all kinds of drinks that are clear liquid. Good luck on your journey! Can't wait to hear that you are home and on your way. Lisa
on 11/12/10 11:37 am - Cumming, GA
Hey Hun,

I'm thinking that broth from Ramen Noodles may be loaded in Sodium so probably not a good idea, what is the other type of broth you have?
on 11/12/10 11:47 am
 I know that the Ramen Noodle broth base does have a high sodium content.   I guess this headache is getting me all out of whack.  I keep drinking water and apple juice to help stave off the hunger, I am taking Tylenol every 4 hrs. Bed time is soon and being a weekend where I don't have to get up with the kids, ALL I am doing is praying to sleep at least MOST of the night.


on 11/12/10 11:53 am - Orting, WA
RNY on 11/22/10 with
What if you pop a couple drops of Worcestershire sauce in your chicken broth?
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Heather G.
on 11/12/10 1:23 pm
It's probably OK to eat the broth from Ramen noodles, but it's sooo high in sodium.
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on 11/12/10 10:03 pm - Crestview, FL
Hey Shelly

I am on day 2 of clear liquids for surgery on Tuesday.  So far it is has not been an issue for me.  I would worry about the sodium in ramen noodles but if hypertension is not an issue for you then it may be ok.

Thursday night I took my boxed chicken broth and simmered onions, carrots, garlic, celery - basically cleaned out my fridge.  Anyway simmered them to get out all their flavors, strained out the food and now have a delicious broth to get me through the weekend.

between the broth, hot caff-free tea, crystal ligh****er, jello and sugar free popsicles I always have something near at hand and not even thinking about what I am not eating.  At my last pre-op apt Tuesday I was told getting through these 4 days is the toughest mental aspect of our whole new journey.

I hope the weekend goes well for you and good luck with surgery on Monday. 

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Jim Parker
on 11/12/10 10:49 pm - TX
RNY on 11/02/10 with
Know the feeling...  I like some of the Isopure "ready-to-drink" flavors (grape and orange are pretty good, the others...  not so much), and used those a lot.  I also learned (from my NUT) that you can mix 8 oz of Isopure (orange or peach mango) with Diet V8 Splash (Tropical is my favorite) and it is absolutely wonderful!  Somehow the V8 cuts the aftertaste of the Isopure.  For the grape Isopure, I mix it 50/50 with Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry-Grape.  Again, it tastes great, and you get 10g of protein.  I find it also takes the edge off my hunger, big time.

Good luck on your surgery!
on 11/13/10 4:13 am
 Thank you everyone for the responses,  I do not have high blood pressure or hypertension.  I just mixed the seasoning pouch with 3 cups of steaming water, that made it clear rather than the cloudy mixture from straining off the noodles (my theory is the starches from the pasta).  

I am feeling like a bit of a limp noodle right now.  I am adding some Sprite and some White Tea to the mixture, see if that helps.

Thank you EVERYONE!!

Cindy K.
on 11/13/10 4:32 am, edited 11/13/10 4:33 am - Seattle, WA
RNY on 09/10/10 with

On my pre-op diet I was able to drink protein drinks. I only had to have clear liquids for a few days after surgery(post-op). You may want to call and confirm whether you are to have clear liquids or just liquids. Protein drinks would provide more substance and energy for you.

I drank the low sodium chicken or beef stock in the box. When stock is made they use both the meat and veggies so it has a more rounded soup flavor. Broth is jus****er, meat, and bones. You would probably enjoy the stock better.


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