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Adult Sugar Free Gummy Multi Vitamin??

Michelle E.
on 12/11/10 9:41 pm
Okay I hate the multi grit vitamins. I hate the gritty texture. I love the gummy ones. Anyone found sugar free ones that meet our needs?? :) 

on 12/11/10 9:49 pm
RNY on 10/18/10 with
I heard they have Centrum gummies now, but I can't seem to find them.  I can't stand the grittiness of chewables either.
on 12/11/10 9:50 pm - NV
I am on chewables they are slightly gritty but they are FLINSTONES childrens chewables so they taste kinda good.  My Nutritionist says Gummies can get stuck ... so i have no idea.

on 12/12/10 1:42 am
RNY on 12/22/08 with
You do know that Flinstones don't provide all the nutrients you need right?
Deb T.
on 12/12/10 10:12 am - NV
I do know that they do!    And are in accordance with what my surgeon reccomends he is the one who told me to take them acctually reccomend them over the centrum chewables .  Flinstone chewable 3x a day. 

I am also taking calcium and B-12 in addition.



on 12/12/10 9:56 pm
RNY on 12/22/08 with
How are you getting your selenium?
Deb T.
Amber L.
on 11/3/11 12:13 pm - Sweden
Children's vitamins are made for children. You should be taking an adult multi plus anything that's not included in it.
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on 12/11/10 10:14 pm - indianapolis, IN
My Dr. advises against the gummies.  He says they are not adequate enough for our vit needs.  I know many people who do take them, but they have to take 3x the amount to get what we need.  Just a thought.
on 12/12/10 12:09 am - OH
RNY on 11/15/10 with
I was taking gummies and they didnt have no iron in them so becareful u have to have everything in them
on 2/20/14 9:00 am - OH

They also don't have minerals like copper and selenium or all the B vitamins.

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on 12/12/10 1:41 am, edited 12/12/10 1:43 am
RNY on 12/22/08 with
The problem isn't the sugar free's that they don't have all the micronutrients you need in a multiple vitamin. Can you not take pills yet? I still don't do well with calcium pills but adult multivitamins slide down easily for me. I got sick of the grit too and tried the pills. It works for me.
Deb T.
on 12/12/10 3:26 am - Grosse Pointe, MI
I got my adult gummies at Costco.  Didn't even think to see if they were sugar-free.  I've never had a problem though.  I take two a day, and so far, so good with my labs.
on 12/12/10 7:06 am - OH
Do they have minerals like zinc, copper and selenium?  And all the B vitamins?  I've never seen a gummy that did.

on 2/20/14 8:51 am

I found a gummy that has everything but copper AND it's sugar free! Do a search for Slice of Life Multi (get the sugar free one). I checked and this particular gummy vitamin is for adults and is sweetened with a fruit called Lo Han Fruit and apparently that is the only alternative sweetener that doesn't convert to sugar alcohol in the body. I've switched to this gummy. It's pretty good for sugar free. I just can't swallow those other ones anymore. I found the company's website here if you want to check it out:


Andrea U.
on 12/12/10 10:00 am - Wilson, NC
Of course not, you are less than 3 months out.

Let's talk at a year.

on 12/12/10 5:00 am - Crestview, FL
you'll get a lot of mixed feedback on gummies.

My NUT and Surgeon both say absolutely not on the gummies, that they don't provide everything we need.  There will also be some long term post-ops here that will tell you to just throw away the gummies that they are worthless.  Others seem to have ok labs with them.

If you are going to take them, make sure you read the RDA label and know what is in them and what percentage of RDA and remember that most of us are prescribed to take double the RDA so you may need to take more than 2-3 a day and you may need to supplement what is missing.

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on 12/12/10 6:11 am - Canada
Our surgeon told us we don't absorb the gummie vitamins properly so not to take them....
on 12/12/10 6:36 am - Marietta, GA

Please consider the BA multi- that you add to your water.
or check out the ones you can just swallow.
BA does offer samples!

Plus there are some great vitamin gurus on OH; they can help with all your needs.

I will toot Andrea's horn...she is wonderfully educated on vitamins and has a great outlook!
Wishing you well on your vitamin searchCheri

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Kaitlin N.
on 12/12/10 7:18 am - Dallas, TX
I have yet to see a gummy vitamin that comes anywhere close to meeting our needs.

Additionally, there have been several studies linking gummy vitamins to tooth decay in children. Even with small amounts of sugar, the gummy residue adheres to teeth and causes very bad decay.
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Sharyn S.
on 12/12/10 8:06 am - Bastrop, TX
RNY on 08/19/04 with
You're almost 6 months post-op.  Buy a good quality multivitamin tablet and swallow it.  You don't need chewables anymore.

Sharyn, RN

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