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10 year old weighs 112 pounds

on 12/22/10 7:33 am - Red Bush, KY
Hello everyone. My son is 10 and he has ADHD, ODD, Mood Disorder and Anxiety. He is on meds. for these issues and has gained about 25 to 30 pounds since May. It's like he can't get enough to eat. Anyway how can I help him not gain so much weight. I don't really think a kid should be on a diet.
Just looking for ideas and opinions here. Right now the med he is on is the only one helping with his major mood problems. So we are not changeing it.

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on 12/22/10 7:49 am - College Station, TX
How tall is he? How active? My son is 8 and is 110 lbs. He is almost 5 foot tall, though. He is solid muscle, not fat. He is extremely active and I am very particular about what he eats (low sugar, high quality protein). He is also ADHD, ODD, Mood disorder and anxiety and on meds.


Candy S.
on 12/22/10 7:55 am - Big Spring, TX
WOW your 8 year old is almost 5ft? I think I would cry if my son who is also 8 was that tall already, he is my baby! My 13 and 11 year old daughters are a little over 5ft, and will be as tall as me (5'5") very soon, my kids are so big, and it is making me feel old, lol!
Colleen W.
on 12/22/10 10:38 am
My dd is 9 and just over 5 ft, wears a women's size 8 shoe too.  I have to check the size on the jeans when I put away the laundry, she wears a size 6 and I wear a size 10 now.  LOL
on 12/22/10 10:01 am - Red Bush, KY
He is 4"8. Not too active at the moment. We are working on this.

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on 12/22/10 7:29 pm - redding, CA
RNY on 12/06/10 with
I totally understand, My oldest is Almost 11 and is 5'5 and weighs 119. He is a soild built kid. Already in Mens sizes. We try to jkeep fruit and hig protein snacks in the house since that what I can have( high protein) we are HUGE water drinkers. I would suggest getting him active. Bike riding, soccer, football, hiking or what we do when its rainy outside. We play the Xbox Kinect. Its a video game, but tires them out Goodluck
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Candy S.
on 12/22/10 7:51 am - Big Spring, TX
I have been struggling with the same exact thing with my 2 girls. The Dr believes kids shouldn't be on a diet, but to watch the junk food, and to have them more active. The winter is hard though to kick them out of the house. There is no ice on the sidewalks right now so I kicked all of my kids out to take walks yesterday after bundling them up real good. I was a nervous mommy because 2 of the kids I have not let out of my sight until now. I need to loosen the strings though, lol.
The girls are always hungry and always want junk. I try to have fruits and yogurt in the house to offer them and let them have that any time they want. I also tell them to drink water to try to fill them up when they say they are hungry. Carrots and celery sometimes work for them too. I want to be able to get a membership to the YMCA maybe after the new year (due to $) so there are more opportunities to keep them busy.
Just so you know, I really know what you are going through, one of my daughters (11 yrs) is schizophrenic, and her med makes her hungry all the time, and my other daughter (13 yrs) is bipolar, and PDD-NOS and her meds also have weight gain as a side effect. I life in upstate NY and it has already been snowing, and ice everywhere, and dark early so it is hard to get them out!
Chris N.
on 12/22/10 7:53 am
RNY on 11/27/06 with

Your son certainly has a lot to deal with.  I was about the same weight at that age and it was difficult enough without the added problems of all that your son has on top of it. 

I don't have any experience with ADHD, ODD, etc....but what about joining a gym as a family.  Make it fun to exercise by creating your own challenges.  Not how fast are you type challenges but more how many minutes have you spent exercising.  Very nonconfontrational....just when you reach a certain amount of time exercised, you get a prize. 

I wish your son the best and hope you can find a solution that helps. 


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Helen Keller

on 12/22/10 7:56 am - Spring Hill, TN
We have the same son!  LOL!  My 8 year old is 5 feet tall!!! He weighs 102 pounds...Pediatrician said his height and weight are charting close together.  I know it is seriously scary for us to see our children gaining weight, but I needed a wake up call that his weight/height ratio were realistic.  Once the pediatrician assured me that his chart looked good she gave me priceless advice for a child in "growth mode" (which it might be because my son's meds supress his appetitie unless he is in a spurt).  I only keep produce, sugar free popsicles, granola bars, yogurt and cheerios in the house for snacks.  If he is hungry he has to make one of those choices.  At first I felt like I was punishing him by not keeping "kid friendly (in most cases actually un-friendly) choices in the house.  Take goldfish crackers for example, even at 8 he could eat a whole 7 serving bag of those things without flinching.  My NUT gave them a D- and told me to get them out.  I don't worry now if he eats 4 popsicles at 15 calories a piece or eats a 1/2 pound of grapes...boys eat like crazy during growth patterns.  His pediatrician said as long as he is making healthy choices and listening to hunger cues (don't let them eat out of boredom) than she is feels it is normal growing boy stuff.  As long as he isn't filling on pop, cookies, chips or cake, he should be fine!
Good luck!
on 12/22/10 8:19 am
My son's ADHD meds make him stop eating - he's very thin (17yo, 6'3", 140lbs).  You said that his mood meds are working - how's the ADHD?  Maybe you could do an addition? 

Also, what are his normal growth patterns?  My dd is 9, and gets a little belly right before she shoots up another couple inches, then, belly is gone.  (My dd is a shorty, about 4'4" and 68lbs.)

We keep the kids very busy - not all activities are expensive.  We use the afterschool program for some activities.  Right now, my youngest son, 7, is enrolled in gymnastics and a boys only dance program. 

You can also serve low-cal treats that still seem special.  My kids love my SF jello with SF whipped cream.  They really think it's a treat. 

Good luck, the weight thing is so challenging.  My oldest dd is completing her program for bariatric surgery - sad, but at least she's doing it young.  I wish I had done this years ago.

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on 12/22/10 8:39 am - Dawson, PA
These are some products to keep in your house. Your kids will make the change if they have the other kind. My son did and he's a very picky eater.
sugar free puddings
sf jello
diet sodas
lite yogurt
cheese sticks
sf hot chocolate
fat free ice cream
sf popsicles
cheese rice cakes
baked chips
on 12/22/10 2:19 pm - Bryan, TX
I would second the keeping healthy food choices, but I disagree with having diet soda in the house. Don't bring soda in at all. Water or milk are the two drink choices my children have and it's *one* glass of milk with a meal and water at all other times.

I also find that while baked chips are a grand idea, it's way too easy to over eat on those. If you don't eat a single serving, you're getting way more calories and carbs than you need. How many kids actually pay attention to single serving size??

My youngest son is 11, 5'0", 120 lbs and ADD also. His medication does NOT stop his hunger (Concerta 18 mg 2x/day). It's just been the last 18-24 months that he started packing on the pounds. I'm waiting for the pre-teen growth spurt, but it doesn't seem to be happening for him. He still wears the same size shoe he has worn for over a year now (size 7). However, he can no longer wear pants comfortably -- if they fit in the length, he can't button them; if he can button them, they're too long. Sweatpants and gym shorts are his friends right now since our weather in Texas is bi-polar. It was 82° yesterday and 55° today.

Good luck with helping your son slim down.
on 12/22/10 9:10 am - TX
I agree with the others about what is kept in the house. Never forget that you are the adult and YOU control the food.Where he goes and what he spends outside the house needs to be watched also. There are programs for kids to help them make healthy choices, I dont know if any are in your area. Excercise as a family. Maybe you can convince him you need him to go with you to feel safer when you go for walks and take YOUR excercise. Kids learn by example.
on 12/22/10 12:58 pm
RNY on 11/02/10 with

What kind of meds is he on for the Mood Disorder and Anxiety?  MANY of these drugs put weight on.....It is an evil that many people that battle MH issues have to deal with all their life.

But try to have healthy food choices for him to choose from.  Exercising as a family would help with SOME of the weight issues plus it has the added benefit to improve one's mood.

on 12/22/10 10:35 pm, edited 12/22/10 10:35 pm - Red Bush, KY
My son takes :

Concerta 54 mgs once a day
Seroquel XR 50 mgs in the morning
Vistaril 50 mgs 3 times a day
Luvox 100 mgs twice a day
Seroquel XR 400 mgs in the evening

We see his psychiatrist on a regular basis and the meds are monitored closely! We see him either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Depending if we are adjusting the meds. Right now this combo. seems to be working.
Seroquel is the med that has caused the weight gain. And yes the dr. warned us about this side effect.

My son loves fruit, most veggies and most meats. He doesn't like bread that well. He does like to snack. I'm in the process of buying better snacks each trip I make to buy food.


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