Soft flour Tortillas

on 1/1/11 5:14 am - NY
Are soft flour tortillas filled with cheese and chicken OK to eat at 7 weeks out?
Jane N.
on 1/1/11 5:35 am - Round Rock, TX
Flour tortillas have about 24 g of carbs per tortilla.  Not the best choice.  Some people tolerate bread products better than others.  I usually eat the insides of wraps when I want that type of thing or I use a Mission Carb Balance tortilla that only has 5 g of carbs.  They are very filling and I can't eat an entire one even at 5 months out.  I'd say at 7 weeks, skip the tortilla and enjoy the chicken and cheese instead.  Mix with some beans and/or Greek yogurt and eat it that way maybe.

on 1/1/11 5:36 am - Maple Grove, MN
Some tortillas can be really high in fat and calories.  At 6 weeks out I started using whole wheat carb conscious enchillada tortillas (Mission brand makes good ones) that I would toast, put some pizza sauce on, cheese, and turkey pepperoni.  I also did the same thing but used fat free refried beans and cheese.  As long as you are conscious in what type of tortilla you use, I would think you'd be ok.  Just start with a small bite.  I haven't tried a tortilla not toasted, so not sure if it gets clumpy in the mouth, or if it just falls apart.  And melted cheese might make it stick together even more.
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on 1/1/11 6:11 am
I am almost two years out, and I STILL cannot tolerate a beautiful, dusty tortilla.  I can barely get down half of a low carb tortilla, which are much thinner.

I wouldn't try it right now.  Skip the tortilla, eat the chicken and cheese.

Just my opinion. 


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Harold C.
on 1/1/11 8:32 am - Schertz, TX
I would stay away for a while.  The flour tortillas can gum up in the pouch and you don't want that.  Trust me, it is not fun.  If you do try them, be sure you eat very small bites and chew, chew, chew.
Tina Mendonca
on 1/1/11 8:51 am - Merced, CA
too many carbs, hon'. I wouldn't start going down that road yet. Chicken and low fat cheese is good though.
Colleen W.
on 1/1/11 1:10 pm
O.K. If you can tolerate it, yes. But go for the Carb Balance (That what Mission Brand calls them) tortillas, only 7g net carbs in the small variety and they have 5g of protein. I use one of those with 1/4-1/2 of low fat cheese (adds 8-16g of protein). Now (I'm 6 months out) I also add a bit of shredded chicken.

But not everyone can tolerate "bread" as early out as you are.
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