Hungry after gastric bypass

Judy M.
on 1/3/11 7:55 am - Jacksonville, AL
My 32 year old son had gastric bypass Dec.30 he is doing really well not much pain at all but he says he feels hungry. Is this normal? I give him 2 tablespoons of liquid every 15 -20 min. Is there anything we should do to make him feel as though he is not starving? I had gastric bypass 4 years ago and I don't remember feeling hungry. In fact I didn't want anything, nothing tasted good to me and the thought of food made me sick. I didn't like the thickness or the taste of protein drinks but he is not having that problem. He is drinking juice, instant breakfast, and strained cream soups. Thanks for any information.         


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Andrew Thompson
on 1/3/11 8:05 am - Canada
For me I had a lot of gas in the system. It gurgled and I mixed it up with the sense that my stomach was growling and therefore I was hungry.

Also I had head hunger where I thought I wanted food. My emotions were wack and I wanted food to comfort me.

(The nerve ending that is the real trigger for hunger and it has been cut. He can't get the hunger trigger.)

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on 1/3/11 8:48 am - TX
What is the nerve that got cut you are speaking of that makes us not hungry?? I'd swear I do still get hungry. One of the reasons i wanted the sleeve surgery was because of no more ghrelin. I was abnormally hungry before I got surgery Id swear I was abnormal.
Judy M.
on 1/3/11 9:38 am - Jacksonville, AL
That makes since about the gas. May that is what is going on with him. Is it too soon for him to take gas x pills?


To often, we lose sight of life's simple pleasures.



Laura A.
on 1/3/11 10:44 am

Hi Judy, Get him some GasX strips, melt on the tongue, at Walmart, cvs, etc.  And you should buy unflavored protein and put it in almost everything he eats.  Will fill him up more and keep him full longer.  Good luck!

Sincerely, Laura     
on 1/3/11 8:06 am - New Bedford, MA
RNY on 10/04/10 with
He should be getting 64oz of liquid a day, and 80-100 grams of protein. He is not getting that from what you described.
If he is on FULL Liquids that mean he can have protein shakes which will fill him up, its like a meal in a shake.It has been a week, he should be drinking WAY more than 2 Tbs every 20 minutes.
At this point I would say he should be able to drink a protein shake (8 oz) in about 20 minutes. Start with constant small sips and then whatever he can do comfortably.
Judy M.
on 1/3/11 9:36 am - Jacksonville, AL
His Dr. said for the first 2 weeks drink every 15-20 minutes. Water artificially sweetend drinks such as tea or kool-aid. High protein liquids such as skim milk, carnation instant breakfast (no sugar added) broths, strained soups. Yoplait lite yogurt and sugar free pudding mixed with skim milk. He said more than one ounce at a time will overfill the pouch.  I have some protein powder I think I will mix some for him and see how that works for him with just small sips. Thanks


To often, we lose sight of life's simple pleasures.



on 1/3/11 12:30 pm - Mt. Pleasant, MI

JELLO!  I made mine with unflavored protein by mixing it with the cold water that you mix into the ho****er after the jello packet is dissoved in it.  It seems to make me feel like I'm eating something even though it melts in my mouth before it gets to my tummy! :)

I too have the rumblings which I used to assume was hunger but after RNY I think its just the intestines finally dealing with some food!!!

Good luck to your son and be sure to follow doctors orders! 

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Sherri K.
on 1/3/11 2:11 pm - Inman, SC
 I was not physically hungry after surgery and still am not however, that first month my "mind" told my tummy I was hungry............maybe, he is having head hunger which, can seem like real hunger.  That first month is difficult getting used to not eating.  I hope it gets better for him soon.
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