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stomach bruising ?

on 1/8/11 3:20 am - IL
RNY on 01/03/11 with
Has anyone suffered extensive stomach bruising ? 
bridget B.
on 1/8/11 4:50 am
I wouldn't say mine was extensive, but I did have bruising at ea*****ision site (Lap RNY)

Bridget Fortune Burns

on 1/8/11 5:43 am - Grosse Pointe, MI
This was mine, one week post op.  It looked much worse than it felt and was gone by my 3rd week of recovery.

Tricia C.
on 1/8/11 6:10 am - Lebanon, IN
I only had a little bruise where they put the drain in. My incision sites did not bruise. I did bruise a LOT with my IV's. My arms looked like I had been in a fight and lost.
on 1/8/11 8:03 am - Austin, TX
RNY on 12/02/10 with
mine was very similar to NewKBear_2010 picture, mostly on the lower part of my stomach and the sides. I figured it was normal.
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oal !!
on 1/8/11 8:16 am - MA
My stomach was so bruised it took on a blackish tint. I told my husband I thought the skin was dying, but I tend to be a drama queen. When I saw my surgeon post-op he said it was normal and some bruise more than others.

Good luck!!!

on 1/8/11 11:04 am
i believe its normal dear i'm 3+ wks out & i still have a little yellow around one of my cuts i know freaky to look at but it gets better we all bruise dif   hang n there 
on 1/5/14 3:00 pm

Hi I had the DS a week ago and today I randomly got a purple Bruce in my stomach. Is this normal?


on 2/25/11 5:33 pm - MI
I did have some bruising along my incision (ds) right after the surgery, but my arms and legs looked worse. Now, I have bruising along my incision, I am 2 months post surgery and am wondering if I should go to the hospital.