WLS Android Apps?

on 1/9/11 1:16 am - Wilmington, DE
Just curious if anyone knows of or uses any applications on their android smartphone for WLS? It can be for anything- food diary, post-WLS information, etc. 

bridget B.
on 1/9/11 2:05 am
See if you can find 'Tap and Track'.  It's great app on my iphone for tacking everything related to food and exercise.

Bridget Fortune Burns

on 1/9/11 2:06 am
There are a bunch of apps for the iPhone for weight loss, but none specific to WLS...I looked last night.
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on 1/9/11 3:01 am
RNY on 09/27/10 with
I use LoseIt! on my iPod touch. It tracks food and exercise, but it can't plan (project into future).
on 1/9/11 3:09 am - TN
I have a Droid 2 and use the following free apps:

My Net Diary for food and Med Minder for reminders as to when to take my vitamins. Works great!
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on 1/9/11 4:10 am - Mission Viejo, CA
I use my fitness Pal it was free, and it tracks food, water and weight plus exercise. It has found almost every food I have eaten and it has a cool way to scan the bar code of food and search for it. That way you do not have to type in as much info to search. I really like it.

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on 1/9/11 5:15 am - Oakland, CA
I love calorie counter
on 1/9/11 10:20 am - Highlands, TX
Calorie Counter by Fat Secret is the one I use the most. It stays sync'ed up with the online log so no matter which one I use to log or look at they are the same.

fatsecret.com/   Search for Calorie Counter in your Marketplace. Yeah, I know...they could have gotten a bit more inventive with the name!
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on 1/9/11 8:51 pm
RNY on 12/14/10 with
 Fast food calorie counter by mobigloo and spark people is what I use
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on 1/10/11 8:07 am - Wilmington, DE
thanks everyone for your suggestions!