If you are on Methadone, can you still get RNY bypass surgery?

on 1/30/11 10:39 am - Chicago, IL
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 Hello, People, 
 I am new to this website here, and my friend just got her  RNy Bypass a month ago and she is doing sooo good. I just have this little question I was placed on methadone due to having problems with pain pills .. So do you think that the doctors will still do my surgery? I am fine now a normal person the only thing is under pain management review.. If anyone know s can you please advice me all comments are welcome as lond as I am not being judge. 
 thanks all for your help....
on 1/30/11 10:56 am - CA
I think that is a question you need to ask your insurance. Have you found a WLS Dr.? If you do have a DR. I would also ask them. See if they will do surgery if you are on methadone.
My dad had chronic pain because of a shoulder injury. He didn't even realize he was hooked on the pills until he decided he was tired of taking them. Boy what a shock it was to him. He struggled for a while with the addiction.
I hope the best and hang in there it does get better.

Sherri K.
on 1/30/11 11:26 am, edited 1/30/11 11:26 am - Inman, SC
 That will be up to the Surgeon, after surgery, you will need pain meds so if your Dr is okay with the methadone that you take then the answer would be yes.  I am on pain meds all the time for chronic pain not methadone but I am a chronic pain patient and my Dr had no problems with me. I would call and find out or attend the WLS seminar and ask in person.
on 1/30/11 11:58 am - CA
I don't think the methadone will be an issue with surgery, but you & surgeon may want to talk about the post-op pain management and get a consult with a pain management specialist regarding non-opiod (sp?) medication that can be used and  later prescribed. It can be slippery slope between pain management and addiction.  You will want to find a surgeon more saavy than most with regard to addiction and pain management or one humble enough to seek advise. WLS is health related, so the methadone treatment should not be an insurance issue either. I am no expert, so please do more homework.
Wishing you success in all you attempt.

Heather in San Diego
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on 1/30/11 12:38 pm - CA
back agin. You need to find out where methadone is metabolized. If it is the stomach, then that will be an issue,,,for obvious reasons. Also, the Anesthesiologists will play a big role here because methadone can block other medications during surgery. 
Heather in San Diego
HW-255, GW-140 CW-141
Suzanne Gottschalk
on 1/30/11 2:12 pm - Columbia, MO
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I'm a substance abuse counselor and had a client on methadone about 3 years ago. She got the surgery and everything was fine. She reported a lot of communication between the psychiatrist prescribing the methadone and her surgeon. You will need pain killers after the surgery, as long as they are monitored and you are held accountable...it should work out great. Good luck, I hope you get done what you need!
on 12/12/11 3:34 pm - niagara falls, NY
I am on 225mg of liquid methadone and I am having open gastric next Monday my Dr or insurance sees nothing to be worried about I will report after if your still intrested?????
Pupcake !.
on 1/30/11 11:46 pm - Stranded in, IA
You would definately have to check with the surgeon but also make sure you raddiction is completely under control.

Taking away food (another addictive substance) will make your pain medication recovery harder.  Many obese people without drug/ETOH problems end up with new substance addictions with food is taken away.

Good luck

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