Nioxin to prevent hair loss??

on 2/4/11 7:34 am - CA
I asked my hairdresser if she knew of anything I could do to prevent hair loss and she recommended a system called Nioxin. It's for chemo patients to help lessen the hair loss.

Anyone tried this? I know most of the answers are that nothing helps. Just hoping maybe I found a loophole.
on 2/4/11 7:40 am - WA
Wonder if a doc could write a script for it and insurance cover it? Just a thought. But you are definitely on to something:)


Kenyatta W.
on 2/4/11 7:44 am - Indianapolis, IN
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Nioxin is a great product! Many people I know, use this system. I am ordering me a few bottles next week.

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on 2/4/11 8:07 am
My hairdresser has a lot of Bariatric clients and says this is the only product she has found to work. She bought me a shampoo and conditioner and I have been using it since even before surgery and it works WONDERS. There are different levels, 1-4, and I am on a level 4. They aren't crazy expensive, but definitely more money than normal shampoo and conditioner. If you go to Nioxin's website you can search for local retailers that sell it near you!

Some recommendations, when shampooing, really give your head a good scrub/massage for a few minutes and work it into your scalp. The same for the conditioner, and then let the conditioner sit on your hair while showering. Your scalp should be tingling, and that is how you know it is working! I get ENDLESS compliments on my hair ever since using this stuff. Oh, and you have to use it every time you wash your hair! It will be tempting to use cheaper products in between, but don't! Stick with it and you WILL see a difference!!!
on 2/4/11 8:15 am - CA
Wow, this is all encouraging. I checked their website and I have three salons within 5 miles of my house that sell it. Guess what I'm buying today. :-)
on 2/4/11 9:05 am
I had my surgery in April of 2010 and started using Nioxin around August after asking around for the best product to use and it has helped tremendously.  I know they sell the shampoo and conditioner seperate but I buy the complete treatment which has shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in scalp treatment.  I am very happy I found out about this product and would recommend it to anyone.

Dave Chambers
on 2/4/11 9:01 am - Mira Loma, CA
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Women in my support groups use 3 different products. Although NOTHING WILL PREVENT HAIR LOSS, these products will make your hair easier to manage and less brittle, which may lessen hair loss. Nioxin isn't cheap, and the women that use it say they use it every other day due to the cost. Another product is Ovations, and this isn't cheap either. BUT, there is a product called EQYSS, a product that's used on horse tails and manes.  It's made by Ovations with supposedly the exact same formula.  According to those women who use it in my groups, the shampoo component really isn't needed, just the detangler which makes hair easy to comb, soft in texture, and without tangles. Their products are at horse supply stores or at their web site. DAVE

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on 2/4/11 9:03 am - OH
Be aware, however, that some women do not like the way the Nioxion makes their hair feel, and that as soon as you stop using the Nioxin, the hair loss may (will probably) resume.


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on 2/4/11 9:42 am - WA
At what point "in your opinion" does the hair loss begin to stop or slow down a bit? And does it vary person to person depending on how much weight is needed to lose? Thanks for anwering if you got the time:)


on 2/4/11 9:53 am - OH
I have never heard or read anything about any relationship between the amount of hair lost and the amount of weight lost or needed to lose.  The time period for the hair loss varies, but is usually lasts 3-4 months and almost always occurs within the 3-10 month window. 

Personally, I did not start to lose ANY hair until the 4th month (about the end of the 3rd month, I thought maybe I was going to be one of the lucky ones who would have little or no hair loss (especially since I was able to use the gastric tube to get ALL of my protein in from almost day 1), but no such luck) and the loss stopped relatively abruptly after it hit a peak towards the end of month 8.

Not sure about your "in my opinion" and what that was intended to convey...  but I am basing my comments on the research I (and others here) have done, the experiences related here and in our support group by other RNYers, what my surgeon and nutritionist have said, and what my WLS clients have experienced.


 6 years out and maintaining 190 pounds lost!  

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on 2/4/11 11:45 am
I have so much freaking hair that it is nice I have lost some and I am not looking forward to it coming back LO> But if it gets to extreme, this is something I could try, so thanks so much for your post.
on 2/4/11 12:51 pm
i had been using nioxin for a couple of years before my surgery....i had already suffered with hair loss due to a vitamin d deficiency diagnosed several months before my surgery.  my vitamin d level was normal when i had surgery and i thought maybe....just maybe i'd dodge the "hairloss" bullet!  NOPE!!!  at 4 months post op the REAL hair loss started. was soooo bad! 7 months post op.....just a few weeks ago.....the hair loss stopped!  i also take biotin for my hair and nails.

the nioxin is a wonderful product!  it's very good for your hair!  but....the word is....we can''t prevent hairloss but all these products certainly help with the new growth!  and...the hair loss is temporary...i got a haircut last night and my hairdresser says that i have tons of new growth coming in!!  WOOHOO!!!

best wishes to you!!
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on 2/5/11 7:28 am

So should I start using the Nioxtin right after surgery or wait until I start experiencing hair loss?  I am scheduled for surgery on 2/15!!!! 

on 2/5/11 10:34 pm - Mt. Pleasant, MI
I already had thinning hair PRIOR to my RNY.  I have used Nioxin in the past and I did like it but now I use Bosely and like it much better!  There is NO hair in the drain every day.  I have no idea what will happen later when the RNY hair loss begins but I will let you know if this helps!

Good luck to you!
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