stomach flu after RNY???

on 2/13/11 6:06 am - Neah bay, WA
Ok I am feeling awful.  My pouch feels awful, I could barely get down my protien shake this morning and have been only on liquids all day.  Food sounds awful!!  I thought I was gonna vomit, but nothing came out.  My mouth got all watery and everything.  But I have not vomited since surgery other than once right after surgery.  How does this work?  It definitely doesn't feel the same at all.  And I have diareah, which is awful.  I am so scared of getting to dehydrated!!  If any one out there has been stomach and intestinal sick post RNY please share with me what helped you.  And can we take something like pepto?  IDK!
on 2/13/11 6:31 am - OH
RNY on 12/28/10 with
You are almost a year out and if you have not felt this way before I personally might think its flu! Just keep trying with the protien and water intake to stay hydrated. if all else fails call your surgeon and ask them! ((HUGS))
on 2/13/11 7:45 am - Neah bay, WA
Thanks!!  I am trying my protien again as I type.  So far its going down ok.  Popcicles seem to be the best for me so far.  I am also trying chick broth, and G2. I don't usually drink the diet gatorade but thought it would help keep my electrolites ok if I do have the flu.  My pouch was not liking the regular water or the crystal lite I usually drink.  although its not so hot on the G2 either, I have to sip it real slow other wise my pouch gets crancky.  And I am super cold and can't seem to get warm, even under my electric thow on high.  I am pretty sure I have come down with something.  Thanks for the advice and ((HUGS))!!!
Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 2/13/11 8:43 am - Green Valley, AZ
Hi,     I'm just wondering. do you have a temp? Are you having muscle and joint aches and pain? Do your eyes feel dry and scratchy? Probably the flu.  I agree you can watch it for a few days on liquids as mentioned above.  If you have no other flu symptoms there are several situations that have your symptoms.  Most easily solved by your doctor. If it doesn't go away in a relatively short time there may be something else going on and I also suggest you call your surgeon. Have you had your gallbladder out? Sometimes people develop problems w/ it after by-pass surgery. Even as far out as a year. Not trying to worry you at all but these are questions you can ask your doctor and yourself. I have gone through similar recently.  Do you have tenderness on the right upper side of your abdomen? Do you have pain/discomfort in your back usually straight line across upper back or circular area under your right shoulder blade. Are you bloated? I'm not a doctor. I am not trying to diagnosis you. Just offering some questions to you to help evaluate your situation.  I (like everyone here) want you healthy and full of energy ASAP!    Mag      Please keep us posted.
on 2/14/11 12:05 am - Neah bay, WA
Thanks Mag, I just had my gallbladder checked and everything is fine with that.  I am feeling better this morning, but now I have a cough and congestion.  So I think I have caught something which I was sort of expecting since all of the kids at the day care where I work have been getting sick.  Thanks for your concerns!!

Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 2/14/11 2:19 am - Green Valley, AZ
Hope you are feeling great real soon!    Mag
on 2/13/11 8:43 am - brielle , NJ
hope you feel better soon. i just had a nasty stomach virus/flu episode recently. the sucker stuck around for over a week..and i didnt feel like myself till about two weeks. In four days (the worst of it) i lost 8lbs. I didnt really wanna part with those lbs!! lol ...there really isnt anything you can do but let it run its course..i just drank chicken broth and ate the chicken a little at a time, kept drinking water, slept alot the first few days and took tylenol for the fever.  it will pass just try your best to take care of yourself and get rest. i still havent been able to gain those lbs back but now that i can eat im trying :)
good luck.
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