can you take TO MUCH vitamin B12?

on 3/2/11 9:09 am - MA

Can a person take in TO MUCH vitamin B12?

I used to get b12 shots because of very low levels and anemia.  I recently had a blood test, and it showed normal b12 levels for the first time in a long time.  

I just realized that my new daily vitamin routine gives me a lot of b12.


Daily vitamin with 100mcg

Vitamin c chew with 75mcg

Acai chew with 75mcg


Is that too much for one day? Or is it good for someone with a low B12 history and  anemia to take in as much as they can?



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on 3/2/11 9:12 am
This may be dumb but............May I ask what a silastic ring is?
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on 3/2/11 9:16 am - OH
Those are all things you chew or swallow, right?

Since you have very little intrinsic factor, you'll absorb almost none of that.  So no, it won't be too much.

Are you still doing shots?  You'll need a B12 supplements (shots, sublinguals, nasal spray or patch) for life after RNY.

on 3/2/11 9:27 am - Cary, NC
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I take 2500mcg 3x a week, sublinguinal

I think what ever your body doesn't use is just expelled in your urine.
The bad thing would be to not get enough - not a good thing.

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on 3/2/11 10:02 am
i think you're good. as long as your labs are good i would not worry about it.
on 3/2/11 10:19 am - MA
a silastic ring is a procedure im not even sure if they do anymore. its like the fobi pouch. a permanent ring between the pouch and intestines.

i also do sub-lingual b12 twice a week. well, my labs are normal, so i guess im not ingesting TOO much

thanks guys for your responses!
on 3/2/11 11:55 am - Medicine Hat, Canada
My doctor told me that what you dont use you just expel. In fact he loaded me up just before and just after my surgery so I wasn't so exhausted.
on 3/2/11 2:07 pm - Suffern, NY
first of all, what is in your multi vitamin doesn't count since we can only aborb sublingual or injections. I am not sure about the chews but those are such tiny doses, I doubt they count for anything.  We need a minimum of 1000mcg daily and if you have a history of B12 deficiency, I tend to think you need alot more than that.  Are you still doing any injections?  How much sublingual are you doing and how often?  You say your B12 level is normal, what are you considering normal?  Prior to your WLS, you wanted to your level to be above 200 up to 900 but like the other posters said, you can go higher because you just pee out the excess.  Now postop, ideally we like our levels up around 1200-1500 and as high as 2000 to make up for the severe  malabsorbtion that we have.

If I were you, I would aim for higher levels - you don't want your B12 deficiency to come back.


on 3/2/11 9:19 pm - Canada
I have too much B12 according to my nut's.  I was taking 500 mg( I think it is mg) a day, then they told me to cut down so I did to 250 a day, they told me the next time it was still too high so now I take 250 every other day.  I have my next appointment in April so we will see.  Not too sure why it is so high for me, but I feel okay and they have not panicked they just told me to cut down for now.
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on 3/2/11 11:38 pm, edited 3/3/11 12:48 am - MA
these were my labs a few weeks ago before i really started to get SERIOUS about my vitamins:

Iron: 77
Ferritin: 14  
B12: 320  
Vitamin D 25 hydroxy: 26  
Total serum protein: 5.9  
Glucose: 96  
Magnesium: 1.8   

reading the posts above, i have deducted that my  labs are lower then i thought~on the lab sheet it shows NORMAL ranges...but i guess for us WLS patients its different.

since getting these yucky labs back i have changed my vitamin routine to include:

(8) vitalady tender iron- 25mg carbonyl iron~ 4 pills taken 2x a day with a vitamin c chew. 

B12 sublingual under tongue liquid-1200mcg, 2x day and i even swab  some in my nose!

Calcet calcium citrate 500mg & Vitamin D3 400ui lemon chews, 3xday. (taken at least 3 hours away from the iron)

2 EAS protein shakes daily~84 grams protein

Magnesium Citrate Pill~500mg 1x day

should i be doing anything else, or more????

(i see the doc in a few weeks...i have the feeling he is going to put me on 50,000 vit d weekly by prescription, and b12 shots for a few months.)

Ginny, Orange, MA
RNY with Silastic Ring: 7/3/03~Dr. Alan Newhoff, Phoenix, AZ
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