Surgery with H Pylori

on 3/3/11 8:14 am
RNY on 03/22/11 with
I am trying to find others who have had the surgery who are still positive. I would like to get a chance to talk to you , and get some feedback.
on 3/3/11 9:13 am
I was positive pre op and had to go through the seven day z pack of antibiotics. Subsequent to that, I still tested positive and was referred to a gastroenterologist - necessary for my insurance approval.

The gastroenterologist did a repeat test on a stool sample, not just a blood test. He also clarified that h pylori is much like the chicken pox virus in that it remains in the system. The typical blood teat will cow back positive, but that isn't the question. A stool sample will be necessary to determine if the virus is active or not. If it is dormant, you are just fine.

Hope this is helpful info for you! Others may have more detailed medical insights, but this is my experience.
on 3/3/11 11:29 am - MI
I was tested positive for h pylori it took 3 months to clear up, i took the 14 day prev-pak for 2 months and still tested positive, i did some research online and found some other methods to cure h pylori i ended up buying manuka honey, and mastic gum used  for 2 weeks when i tesed again threw EGD i was negative, and yes in the blood it will always show up, mines showed positive in 2 EGD and about 6 stool samples, this is what took me so long for a surgery date, the surgeon refuse to operate with positive h pylori since it causes alot of research and see what other methods u can use...manuka honey is horrible but it worked i put a teaspoon on a piece of toast and ate 3 times a day(horrible), the mastic gum i took 1 pill twice daily it help with duodem and digestive track this did the trick in 2 weeks, there expensive but i was willing to try anything i wanted my surgery and this bacteria was standing in my im h pylori negative with a surgery date of March 22....hope this help...