Insurance paid Tummy Tuck!

on 3/29/11 5:50 am
Ok...Who here has had a tummy tuck that their insurance company paid for?

Are you willing to share your story with me?

Is a hernia enough for them to pay for a tummy tuck?

Did you go to a plastic surgeon or you RNY surgeon?

I'm sure I'll have more questions to follow...TIA!
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on 3/29/11 5:58 am
My insurance paid for a panni removal. I wish I could have had a full tummy tuck. You can call your insurance company and find out if they cover anything.
on 3/29/11 6:02 am - Fort Carson, CO
I have tricare prime (military insurance) and they will pay for a tummy tuck after you have had gastric bypass but it must be at least 1 yr from surgery. I haven't had it done, but I am almost certain I will get it done when I am 1 yr out.

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Rebecca G.
on 3/29/11 9:13 am - Wilmington, NC
Tricare is being difficult with me! I've lost 221 and have a ridiculous amount of extra skin. They haven't been very nice about it so far! Hopefully they'll be better in May when I can appeal!
Melinda A.
on 3/29/11 6:05 am - Annandale, VA
Let me share my 2 cents with you.  I haven't had PS, nor have I looked into getting a TT.  However, from what I have gathered, insurance doesn't usually pay for an actual tummy tuck.  They will usually pay for a pannilectomy (spelling?), which only includes removing that bottom hanging "apron" of skin.  They don't always replace the belly button, tighten the ab muscles, or remove any skin toward the top of the stomach.  Sometimes the doctor will let you pay the difference for a complete TT.
Sometimes they will give you a pannilectomy along with a hernia repair.  It depends --I'd check with whoever is fixing your hernia about that.
I believe you need to have skin that hangs a certain amount past the pubic bone and have extensive documentation of skin issues that cannot be treated with medicines.  So, check with your bariatric surgeon to see if he works with a PS, and start from there.  They can tell you what is necessary -- you could also call your insurance company.
Also, check out the PS forum -- they will be able to help you. (Hope I helped a little)
on 3/29/11 6:32 am - Tucson, AZ
You might want to post this on the "Plastic Surgery Forum".  You'll get alot of good information there, I did.  I haveTricare and they paid a plastic surgeon to do a TT after I had lost my weight and was at a stable weight for a year.


on 3/29/11 1:33 pm - federal way, WA
RNY on 08/19/03 with
My insurance (BC/BS of Ill) covered my complete TT with muscle tightening and everything - my bariatric doc did it. I remember him asking me if I wanted a belly button or not and i'm like of course I do!!!!! Anyway that was 6 yrs ago so I'm not sure if insrance has gotten more strigent on that - I had an incisional hernia tho cause my RNY was done open. Good Luck
(deactivated member)
on 3/29/11 2:34 pm - Norfolk, VA
I have tri-care Prime and was told they would not pay for my tummy tuck unless I also have a hernia If y'all know how to get it done, let me know!
on 3/29/11 11:05 pm
Thanks for all he responses.  I will go post this on the plastics board
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