Wendy's small chili

on 4/5/11 5:28 am - CA
Has anyone ever measured a small chili from Wendy’s before? I ran out of the house this morning without my lunch again. So I went to Wendy’s and got a small chili. Before I looked at it I had eaten a little over half of it. I do not feel sick or super full I feel normal. Isn’t that too much? I know yesterday I was hungry a lot. I would try to drink a ton of liquids but I was still hungry. Is this normal to be able to eat this much and be hungry like this only 6 ½ weeks out? And how much is half of a Wendy's small chili?
RNY- 2/18/2011

Karly Green
on 4/5/11 6:03 am - Middletown, NJ
Don't take this to the bank, but I THINK it's about a cup.
At 6.5 weeks out eating half of one is a lot, sure, but it's not anything to panic about. Sometimes Wendys chili can be pretty watery.

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on 4/5/11 6:15 am - CA
Thanks! I did notice that when I stopped most of what was left was the beans, veggies and meat. So I think most of what I ate was the watery part.
RNY- 2/18/2011

on 4/5/11 6:29 am
Hi D!

I wouldnt be too worried.  A whole small chili is 227 grams in volume, which is .997 of a cup. 
Half that serving is about half a cup.  The stats on a small chili are here: www.wendys.com/food/Nutrition.jsp  Its one of the best good choices in fast food out there. 

I use the small Wendy's chili as a 'safe bet' when I need a meal on the cheap while away from home.

I'm glad that you tolerated it well.  Best wishes to you on your journey!

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Andrew Thompson
on 4/5/11 7:34 am - Canada
It's also quite watery, almost a soup, so you can take a larger volume. Which is why it's important to measure by volume so you don't overeat.

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on 4/5/11 3:22 pm - Palm Springs Area , CA
RNY on 02/14/11 with
I have been hearing about everyone loving Wendy's Chili, so having never had it before but finding myself out and about while driving to "our" surgeon last week and needing to stop for something to eat, I finally acquiesced and tried it.  I asked them how many ounces were in a small sized chili and they told me it was 14 ounces. (Sure seems like a lot for a small size, but that is what she told me)  So I asked them to give me half of that amount, and it still took me two separate meals to fini**** all.  But Man oh Man was it goooood.  Had no problems with it either.  Enjoy!!!!

Holly Jean