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on 4/6/11 6:31 am - CA
Hi Friends,

Ive been going through the motions necessary to be approved for the RNY through my current insurance company.  Although surgery is not guarenteed, it is more than likely to be approved if I do everything they ask of me (Im on my last few steps - with a hopefully July surgery date).  But now, there is a possibility that I will be changing jobs.  The new job offers Kaiser insurance.  Do any of you have Kaiser?  Do they cover it? 
Dave Chambers
on 4/6/11 7:56 am - Mira Loma, CA
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I have Kaiser and they covered my RNY, as I had several co morbid issues.  BUT, I'm unaware whether Kaiser has different levels of coverage. Many companies offer different levels to companies at different costs--and some of the plans exclude some items, like wt loss surgery.  I do know that deductabels vary with empoyer plans, but unsure about coverages of all plans.  If possible, get policy details from new employer and call Kaiser. My guess is that is would be covered, but you may have to start the process all over with the new insurance. Or, if you don't want to begin the process again, have the surgery prior to changing jobs.  Kaiser does have bariatric docs that work with you besides your PCP.  DAVE

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Candi F.
on 4/6/11 8:14 am
That is tough!  Changing in the middle like that!  This is what I know...I have Kaiser, and it is very easy to get approval through them.  Depending on your coverage, you may have to pay a deductible.  You WILL have to go through a lot of waiting, though.  First you have to go to a Bariactric Options Orientation, which takes up to a month to get into.  Once you finish there, you go on a wait list for the Options Program itself, which can take up to 3 months.  Then the class itself is 3 months.  And lastly the wait list for your surgery.  This is how it's going for me right now.  Where you live can change things.  Good thing is I have heard the classes are awesome, the surgeons are wonderful, and they will give you a tummy tuck after you lose!  I love Kaiser!
Laura A.
on 4/6/11 8:33 am - Manteca, CA
I don't know of anyone that has had a 'covered' tummy tuck through Kaiser.  Kaiser will cover a panniculectomy, but only if your pannis (belly skin) hangs down onto your thighs while you're standing up.  

My daughter is working with a Kaiser plastic surgeon on this issue now.....

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on 4/6/11 8:47 am - CA
I have Kaiser insurance. I was actually laid off before I had a chance to start the classes. I paid for cobra until the surgery was complete. I was approved with no issues. If you leave I believe at the very least you can pay to keep your insurance before you switch. The only issue you may run into is the fact that you are changing policies in a way and your new Kaiser insurance may not approve it or make you go through the motions again. Member services might be better able to help you.
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on 4/6/11 2:21 pm - Palm Springs Area , CA
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I have Kaiser too.  Took me 17 months from the time I put my request in through my primary, was scheduled for the required orientation, then on to the waiting list just to get into the required 12 week Options Program (a total waste of my time and intelligence in my humble opinion....), then the myriad of pre-op tests, and then the waiting list to meet with the surgeon and then FINALLY scheduling surgery and having it done....  Seventeen LONG months were I was also quite diligent and pro-active in getting things done as quick as possible through the very slow "system"..... 

All in all I think Kaiser SUCKS and the general health care I have received within their own internal program is below par BUT I am extremely grateful nonetheless for even being blessed with having a good job and health coverage, and the ability it gave me to have this already starting to be life changing surgery.

It may be a long road to travel for you before you get all your ducks in a row before surgery, but in the long run if you are like me you will not regret it and use the time in between to start learning everything you can about the various procedures before making your surgery choice, post op care, etc.   Time will fly by fast.  As it always does.  The only regret I have like so many others on here that I read as well, is that I didn't do this sooner.

Good Luck on your future surgery and your possible new job!

Take Care,
Holly Jean
on 4/8/11 12:06 pm - CA
I have Kaiser also. My wait wasn't as horrible. I was referred to the bariatric program on August 12, 2010. I went to the Options Orientation that very same day. I began the 12 week options program in October and finished the first week of January. I had my surgery 3/16/11. In my opinion, that wasn't too bad!

Good luck to you!
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