Stall...uggg how long can it last

on 4/10/11 11:03 am - Dunnellon, FL
Okay i am 9 month out and lost about 120ish, Wich i think is okay, but since Dec i have only lost 10-15lbs, so im getting concerned, should i liquify my diet again as a jump start? I think  4 months with only about 15lbs lost is to slow (?)
Help please!    
Carol M.
on 4/10/11 11:08 am - TX
Don't know where you startes or what your goal is, but when was th last time you lost 120 lbs in 9 months?  The less you have to lose the slower it comes off. You are probably not done, but you cannot realistically expect 10-15 lbs a month from this point forward, I don't think. Continue working your plan and be patient.
Carol , East Texas
on 4/10/11 11:11 am, edited 4/10/11 11:11 am - Dunnellon, FL
My goal and dr goals are a bit diff, i would just like to be under 200lbs, he wants me at 160!
I started at about 440, and still have a long way to go!    
on 4/10/11 2:03 pm - Chicago, IL
Congratulations on your success!  Your weight loss is impressive!!  It took me about 2 years to lose 120 pounds.

You, like many of us must work hard to get the rest of the weight off.  It is indeed do-able.  Portion control, low carbs, high protein and exercise is fundamental at this point. 

You can do it!!

"Respect the pouch & embrace the scale."