Dr wants to convert sleeve to full bypass

on 4/18/11 1:59 pm - WA
 I went to the DR today because I have still been having some issues with my sleeve.  He wants to do another scope on Monday.  He said I healed wrong and my sleeve is an akward shape.  If this dilation on Monday does not work he said we will have to go back in and do a complete bypass.  I was not happy when I heard that.  I dont even know how that would help.  Has anyone had this issue?
Lady Lithia
on 4/18/11 2:05 pm
I have not had a sleeve, but from what I heard, turning the stomach "banana shaped" occasionally has the unintended consequence of the stomach collapsing on itself, and healing wrong. If this happens, and attempts to correct it do not work, converting to a bypass might well be the ONLY possible correction.

I believe it is a rare but possible side effect o the sleeve... I read about it once.... but since I did not haev the sleeve, I can't say for sure, I'm absolutely no expert on this.

The good news is that there IS a solution to this horrible complication.... it might not be what you wanted, but if your new stomach won't function as it is, you likely have no choice.

The positive part of this is that you have had the ghrelin producing part of your stomach removed, you're likely to have greater succcess with your RNY than someone who hasn't had the ghrelin producing part of your stomach left intact.

We will help as much as possible.

Lady Tazz had a similar configuration (in that she had a sleeve/DS and was converted to RNY) so she might have a lot to say when she sees your post.


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Lady Lithia
on 4/18/11 2:07 pm
The reason it would help is that the juncture of your esophagus with your stomach is intact, and that is the region of the stomach used to make the bypass pouch. If the structural integrity of your stomach is utterly compromised so that he can't make your stomach function at all.... at least he can give you a pouch and reroute your intestines so that you can continue to digest food, and won't be tube fed for life.

If you are worried about the malabsorption, you can ask him to make the bypass as short as possible, but there will inevitably be some micronutrient malabsorption (vitamins) that you will have to deal with

I'm so sorry you are going through this

~Lady Lithia~ 200 lbs lost! 
March 9, 2011 - Coccygectomy!
I chased my dreams, and my dreams, they caught me!
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on 4/18/11 2:35 pm
Is your sleeve in an hourglass shape?  I have heard of that happening.  I'm not sure what can be done if that is the case.  You might want to check with another surgeon if you don't want to have a bypass.  What part of Washington do you live in?  There is a DS surgeon, Myur S. Srikanth in Federal Way that does the DS and he might know more about that.
I had a sleeve as part of my surgery and my surgeon left it too large.  It said in my operative report that he reduced my stomach by 50%.  Most sleeves are reduced at least 75% or 80% so it's no wonder I regained most of my weight.  At the time I had my revision I thought about getting resleeved instead of a pouch but by that time I didn't really trust the sleeve and wanted as much restriction as possible.  I also knew that with the sleeve I would eat whatever I wanted because I could.  I was hoping I would dump so that I would be able to stay away from sugar since that is a big problem for me.  I did find out by accident that I do dump and it is just one more reason for me to stay away from refined carbs.
When I had my revision I found out that my surgeon removed my remnant stomach so basically I had a gastroectomy.  The good thing about that is that the part that makes ghrelin is gone and I am never hungry.  With my first sugery I was always hungry, which made it very hard to stick with any kind of disciplined eating plan.
While my revision has worked out OK for me you may want to try hard to keep your stomach intact and perserve your pylorus valve.  Dumping is no fun and neither is reactive hypoglycemia so do what you can to keep your sleeve.

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RNY on 07/15/17

Hi my name is René I had the sleeve 2 yrs ago and had lost 40 ponds from 290 pounds in a year now I am back to 282 in just a year and half later I'm going for rny next month will that help me because with sleeve I eat what I want can u please get back to me on this

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Going for my rny next week after sleeve 2 years ago why should I expect to be able to eat. Nothing bothers me now just stays in my chest forever because of twist!

on 4/18/11 8:18 pm - AR
probably better to ask this one on the VSG and DS forums (since occassionally DSers will get the 2-part DS & the 1st part is the sleeve)

they can undoubtedly be of more help than we (RNYers) can since they actually HAVE the sleeve (and most of us havent).  some of them may have been told this exact same thing & found a way around what ur being told.

everyone should be able to get the WLS that is right for THEM.  even though i absolutely LOVE my RNY, id hate to see u (or anyone) talked/forced into it if u dont want to be (if there is another option available for u). 

good luck!

on 2/16/16 4:33 pm - TN

I was told the same today,  I wonder how it worked out for you. 

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