What type of tests do they do at the pre-op appointment in the hospital?

on 4/18/11 2:18 am - MA
I already did all the testing to be approved, but the appointment a few days before the surgery, what's those tests for? I know I need to meet the anesthesiologist.
on 4/18/11 2:23 am - NY
RNY on 03/23/11 with

The pre-op tests are usually for the benefit of the anethstesiologist.  They typically include blood work, chest x-ray and an EKG.  Good Luck!

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on 4/18/11 2:26 am - Boston, MA
All I had at my pre-op testing was blood work, pregnancy test and they listenend to my heart.  and they asked lots of questions.  That's it.
christine G.
on 4/18/11 2:36 am
the pre-op work up is typically standard blood work including a cbc, iron levels and basic metabolic panel; basically checks that youre not anemic and that your fluid/electrolyte status is OK.  you might have an EKG too, for me a chest xray was done with my pre-op pulmonary workup.  it'll be pretty basic stuff.

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on 4/18/11 2:36 am - Lake, MS
I had my pre-op tests last week.  It was blood work, blood gases, EKG, chest xray and lots of paperwork!  The blood gases was a different blood tests from the regular blood work.  It was more for pulmonary.  I think it is all for the anesthesiologist because something showed up on my EKG and they took it to the anesthesiologist on call to look at.  He approved it and signed off for my surgery! Good luck!!
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on 4/18/11 2:39 am - FL
i had done all the pre op clearances, that took me about little over a month or so to get those all done...then the tuesday before my monday surgery i meet with the surgeon for my pre-op appt...they took my weight, blood pressure, temp, they had me get into a gown nude at top, they checked my belly, my panni and made marks to the nurse that she documented on the computer about my previous scars from other surgeries (gall ballder, kindney stones) they checked my teeth to make sure i had good back teeth to make sure i could chew my food...for some reason he had me blow in his face..not sure why on that one...then they asked me if i had any questions about the surgery, i just told them i was scared to death..he reassured me that things have changed from oh so long ago, and that both surgeons would be in the room, they asnwered any questions i had, and that was it... i was given my hepacleanse to shower with the night before and the morning of my surgery..i was given vitamins and scripts for pain pills, prevacid..told about the bowl prep stuff...then on the thursday i had my education class of 3 hours, went step by step how the surgery was done, what my eating was going to be like for the next 6 months the phases and such...every question that has been asked on this board was covered in this 3 hour class...then on monday i had my surgery..i think the pre op clearances were more of a pain than the actual pre op visit...
hope this was helpful
have a great day
on 4/18/11 2:47 am - MA
Very helpful, seems pretty basic. I cant wait for my class which is the same day as my pre-op appointment 4/28. I can never get enough information on what to expect. Really looking forward to that. Thanks everyone!
on 4/19/11 1:38 pm - CONROE, TX


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