Vitamin deficiency??? My legs are so tender to the touch!

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on 5/2/11 4:21 am - North Brookfield, MA

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this or could shed some light.
I have lost over 200 lbs but still have about 80 to go, I carry my weight in my rear end and legs mostly.
It seems that my legs are so sensitive compared to other folks, my BF has a Boston Terrier that loves to stand in my lap, I have to lift him off because it actually hurts. I bruise easily which I know is anemia probably but even to have my legs massaged hurts? I am also having some lower leg swelling sometimes that feels kind of achey... anyone else have this?

on 5/2/11 4:37 am
OMG OMG OMG!! Finally someone else is talking about this! My mother had surgery and has dealt with CRAZY sensitive legs for years now. Even the lightest things hurt her. Mine are starting to go this direction too. I dont know if it's a deficiency. But Im thankful to know we are not alone. I'd love to know if you do get blood work done!

Only thing is - we don't have swelling really...
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on 5/2/11 5:15 am - North Brookfield, MA
I hope someone has found out what it is and shares with us because it is kind of ridiculous.  Sometimes if I am touched  or pressed on it makes me yelp!  Other than Anemia I really am not sure what to attribute it to?
on 5/2/11 4:45 am
When were your last labs, Lisa?  Is it a tissue pain or a deep muscular pain?

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on 5/2/11 5:12 am - North Brookfield, MA
Hi Dana, more tissue... my labs weren't bad at all.
on 5/2/11 4:57 am - TN
 Im just one day shy of being 2 wks post op and I have the same issue, esp around the lower part of my calves. Doesnt hurt to walk or anything but to the touch they are very tender. I was actually going to post about this later today. Right now theyre not bothering me too much but this morning and last night they really hurt when I touched them or in the bed of my foot hit the other leg or something, OUCH!
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on 5/2/11 5:16 am - North Brookfield, MA
Ugh, I know what you mean though... the silliest things make them hurt like hell!
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on 5/2/11 5:13 am - Boston, MA
 I'm 6 weeks out and from about 2 weeks out my shins have been so sore anytime I lay on my stomach on a soft bed they hurt and they hurt to touch its so weird
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on 5/2/11 5:18 am - North Brookfield, MA
Interesting... you are very early out of surgery and I am 9 yrs post op...  lets hope we get some ideas on this thread. 
Jennifer M.
on 5/2/11 5:28 am - NC
How interesting. I have had really sensitive legs for years. It hurts to just wash them, but it had nothing to do with my surgery. I think mine is actually getting a little better. I never thought anyone else had a problem...
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