Officially a member of the Century Club!

on 5/2/11 10:21 pm - NC

It's official!  After worrying last week that I was done with weight loss and my stall was going to last forever,  I buckled down on my food and lost 5 pounds!  Officially bringing my weight loss to 100.4lbs!!!!  Only 21 more to go to my goal.  

For those that think you're done and are needing a boost, let me tell you it's not over yet! I am the worst for thinking negatively and I did it.  You can too!  Woot Woot for me!


on 5/2/11 10:33 pm - Portland, OR
Congrats!!!! Exciting that you are so close to goal!!!
on 5/2/11 11:00 pm
RNY on 03/22/11 with

on 5/3/11 2:08 am
 Congratulations on moving past your stall, and into the Century Club! Can't wait to join everyone on the loser's bench!!
HW-305  SW-271.5  CW-188 GW-150  Ticker includes -14 lbs pre op diet loss