how long ins.approval withanthem blue cross blue shield?

on 5/11/11 12:53 pm - OH
I am in akron ohio and paperwork was submitted last wednesday,,, so with other experience,how long was approval from Anthem blue cross blue shield?? so anxious to get to the other side,,, thanks mindy
on 5/11/11 1:03 pm
Well I don't know buuuut I would call them and ask :)  can't hurt!!
on 5/11/11 1:12 pm
I have HBCBS-NJ. So I guess its different but I know in 5 buisness days and I was able to track it online. Good luck!
on 5/11/11 1:20 pm - MN
I have anthem blue cross. It took 12 days. I called everyday and checked with them. Good luck! I know the waiting is awful.
on 5/11/11 1:40 pm - OR
I have Anthem BCBS also! We're submitting paperwork May 18th and I'm nervous as heck. PLEASE keep me posted on how yours is going/turns out!
Mia H.
on 5/11/11 6:56 pm - OH
 I have Anthem as well.  I was just approved last week.  I had my paperwork submitted at the end of March, so it took a month.  I understand completely the anxiety in waiting.  Hope you hear from them a lot sooner than I did.  
on 5/11/11 8:39 pm - PA
I have Keystone thru BC BS in PA and they don't have a way to track on line.  My papers were submitted on a Thursday, I called them the following Wednesday and they told me it was approved.  Ten minutes later my dr office called and told me it was approved and gave me a tentative surgery date.  Call them, can't hurt
on 5/11/11 9:22 pm
RNY on 04/21/11 with
I have Anthem , Ct and the dr's office called to say I was approved after a few weeks and then 5 days before surgery I opened a letter that said I wasn't approved , the next letter in my mailbox the same day said it was revised and I was approved. So I had about 45 seconds of sheer PANIC!!!!!
on 5/11/11 9:28 pm - Florissant, MO
 With me it was 3 days, with my son it was 5 days, and with my husband it was 4 days.  I called everyday on all of these.  

on 5/11/11 10:00 pm - MA
BC/BS MA it took about 2.5 weeks from when paper work was submitted. 
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