JP drain after surgery leaking??

on 5/27/11 7:16 am - crestwood, KY
 hey guys. I have had this woud drain since surgery on 5/20 I am supposse to get it removed tuesday so I don't know if I should worry or not. first of all everything looks great no redness swelling or pain, the drainage is getting clearer everyday and has no odor but the past few days it has been draining into the tube still but also soaking onto the gauze too so much that if I don't put tape all around and on top the gauze it will leak onto my shirt a little so I have to change it about twice a day now instead of once. I didn't know if this is normal since I have had it in for a week or not? thanks.
on 5/27/11 7:37 am - Naperville, IL
i had the drain in me for 2 weeks w no leakage. That amount of  discharge so late in the game doesnt sound right. I would definitely call and get your surgeon paged.  You dont want this to go on for 3-4 days... Just to be on the safe side

on 5/27/11 7:59 am
I had the same thing happen to me and it was normal they told me!! If it eases your mind go ahead and call your surgeon to make sure it is ok. It slowed down a couple days later for me. Best of wishes..
on 5/27/11 8:32 am - Columbia City, IN
I would call, just to be sure.  You don't want an infection.  I have 4 JP drains right now (from plastic surgery).  You paid alot for your surgery - this is the doctors job to follow up after the surgery - call him/her. 

Best wishes.
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on 5/27/11 8:35 am
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Yah, I had leaky "stuff" on the gauze too.. My doctors office called me every day for 3 weeks to check on me. 

When I still had the drain I asked them, and they said "if it isnt green like puss, and it doesnt smell yuk, youre fine."

You just have an open wound, so keep it covered and change the dressing every day.  Make sure its clean, and have clean hands when touching.  If your allowed to shower (I was, and was told to just let it hang when showering.) my surgeon even told me dont worry if soapy wanter gets in the wound! hahah

word to the wise... its going to feel odd when he removes it.  deep breath as he pulls it out.
on 5/27/11 9:19 am
The JP tube itself is rather small and can become plugged with fibrinous exudate When this happens the drainage may drain out around the tube. As long as the drainage is coming out ( on the dressings) and not collecting inside you should be OK. If the drainage becomes foul andpurulent that would certainly be a sign of infection but if there is no smell and serous looking this is normal. Increased physical activity ie walking, bending, even sitting in a chair can cause increased drainage so you may notice you will have to change your gauze more frequently at such times. Give your doc a call for any unusual concerns as I am posting from my personal experiences and knowledge. Best of luck.

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on 5/27/11 10:01 am - OH
 I had surgery on the 17th and still having trouble with leakage in the drain wound.  Went to doctor yesterday and they said it is better to drain out than in.  As  long as it is not red, smelly or if I begin to run a fever then everything is okay.  The leakage is bothersome I know but they say it will get better.  Good luck to you.
on 5/27/11 10:58 am
I deal with JP drains every day and sometimes they leak.  There is no other way to say it.  There is a hole in your body with a tube in it.  Stuff will leak out.  Everyone else is right about the kind of drainage.  Keep it clean and change it as needed and you should be fine.  I sometimes have patients that have to have those dressings changed three or four times a shift.  If the drainage starts to irritae your skin, you can put vaseline around the site, just not directly on the wound.  It will act as a barrier to protect the skin.