7 months post op w/pics

on 6/1/11 6:28 am - NC

I have to say that my life is so much better physically since my surgery.  I am able to do things now that I used to just sit and dream about. 
Has it been easy? Not really.  The losing weight is not so difficult when you follow the program, but the mental challenge is by far the hardest.  I still have about 15 pounds to go to goal but considering where I started that's nothing.

weight: 267

weight:  161

on 6/1/11 6:50 am - CA
You look fantastic! I'm a month out and I hope I'll be able to lose over 100 pounds in 7 months! That's amazing!!!

HW:340 SW: 292 CW:164 GW: 140-130

on 6/1/11 6:52 am - Seward, AK
AWESOME JOB! and you look great!

on 6/1/11 7:14 am - Pueblo, CO
WOW!  7 months a almost at goal?  Thats amazing!  Great job!
on 6/1/11 7:32 am - ME
That blows me away, you look awesome!!!  I hope i can lose that much in a short time. Im 2 weeks out and it seems like its taking forever.

Keep up the good work.