Stinky gas after RNY ?

Cheryl N.
on 6/11/11 3:19 am - Des Moines, WA
I often hear that your farts, passing gas smell much worse after bypass?  is this true?  

I am having revision from lapband to bypass. 

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on 6/11/11 3:29 am
yup, the wonders of RNY
on 6/11/11 3:35 am - Tampa, FL
 I personally do not have stinky gas, I actually don't really have much gas ever. On the other hand, my mom and brother who both had DS have HORRIBLE, peel wall paper off the walls, gas
on 6/11/11 3:37 am
RNY on 03/10/11 with
I don't have much gas and when I do it's not stinky. There hasn't really been a change for me.
Lori P.
on 6/11/11 3:53 am - Kenosha, WI
RNY on 05/24/10 with
I am having a huge issue with this right now.   I ordered some Devrom which is supposed to help.


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on 6/11/11 4:39 am
I think it depends on the person.  I'm 5 months post-op and have had NO problem with gas at all.  and never a horrible smell. 
on 6/11/11 5:03 am
I rarely have gas and the smell isn't any different than I had before surgery.  I have spoken to a few people that say they have worse and more smelly than before surgery.  Probionics seems to help when that happens.

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on 6/11/11 5:04 am
I think this may be related to the artificial sweetners people eat after surgery - aspartame gives me terrible, painful, stinky gas. I don't think the smell of gas is affected by the surgery itself, but its normal to be a bit gassy for a few weeks or months afterward.
Ashley K.
on 6/11/11 5:17 am
I haven't had more gas than before surgery.  But, yes, now when I do have gas it does smell worse than it did before surgery.
on 6/11/11 5:23 am
Revision on 10/08/10 with
oh yeah,

my gas has been horrible. The first few months was the worst.  I thought I was going to die at work!!

Most days it is okay now but there are still days where it stinks beyond stinks