Gastric bypass 20 years later!!

on 6/15/11 3:10 am - Killeen, TX

I have a friend that I just found out she had gastric bypass over 20 years ago! She said she always kept it a secret because of how people acted towards it back in the day. Well I asked her if she could go back 20 years would she do it again, and she said YES 1000 times! She can’t eat bread unless toasted, she can’t eat eggs, and there are other things she told me she can’t eat, but she said despite that she has absolutely no regrets. She does have some skin on her face and arms, and she had a tummy tuck. She said she still takes her vits and she showed me her scar and said that after 20 years it STILL itches! LOL! I just thought it was so great to have a conversation with a WLS vet who is still in love with her surgery!  I LOVE MY RNY!!!  

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Amy T.
on 6/15/11 3:16 am - CA
This is so good to hear!  I always wondered about people that had it years ago, and how they are doing now.

Thanks for sharing!
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on 6/15/11 3:16 am - Prince Georges County, MD
[email protected] it STILL itching 20 years later!! that itch is a serious one! Did she keep all of her weight off? Any fluctuations?



on 6/15/11 3:34 am - Killeen, TX
LOL thats what she said! But she said its not nearly as bad as it was when she first had surgery! She she did, she had a baby 9 years ago so being 11 years post op it took her a minute to get the weight back off. But other than that she has kept it all off! She weighs 150something today!  :)
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Carla M.
on 6/15/11 3:23 am
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I guess I'm lucky. My mother had it  done 28 yrs ago and she was the one that told me to go for it. I, unlike her, have had some issues after this surgery. I still have "buyer's remorse" about this surgery! She's been a great role model though. Has kept her weight off, except 20lbs that crept back on. She says she'd do it again in a heartbeat too! I hope I get there one day, but for now, I want to go back to before the surgery and change my mind.

Koko M.
on 6/15/11 3:30 am - Albany, CA
Oh, wow, thanks!

This is the kind of thing that really just makes my day. I'm still fairly early out, not even a year yet, and I do find myself wondering sometimes if this is going to come back and bite me in the ass some where down the road.
I understand that your friend's success doesn't actually change anything for me, but it's really reassuring to know how many people out there really do live happily ever after, as far as the surgery goes.


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on 6/15/11 7:15 am - KY
NICE STORY .. thanks
on 6/16/11 3:34 am
You know back a year ago - as they were inserting my IV to wheel me in the operating room for my RNY - and when I was almost in tears with fear of the unknown - the wonderful nurse inserting my IV shared with me that she had the RNY 15 years before.  What a God-send!  She was the best mood lifter at that time.  She was still happy with hers even though she reported that she had gained some weight back.  She was still a normal size.

on 6/16/11 3:52 am
Great story!

I had my galbladder removed in 1985 (26 years ago!) and that scar still itches too... and, this surgeon cut right through it, so now I have a scar within a scar to double the itch lol

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