bowel cleanse before surgery

on 6/26/11 4:35 am - CA
Does anyone remember what they used for bowel cleaning before surgery?
on 6/26/11 4:50 am - MN
I used the lemon flavored Magnesium Citrate.  You can buy this at most drug stores, i have also seen it at Walmart, Target and my grocery stores. 
on 6/26/11 4:50 am - NC
 Magnesium Citrate. I chose the lemon lime flavor. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
on 6/26/11 5:04 am - VA
 Magnesium citrate. I used the grape flavor. I got it at Walgreens. Drink lots of water!
on 6/26/11 5:11 am
My surgery is next week---an I'm supposed to take Milk of Magnesia two days before then go on a liquid diet...then another dose next day if needed.
on 6/26/11 5:54 am
my surgery date is july 14th and I haven't been told to do anything yet. When do they tell you?
on 6/26/11 5:58 am
RNY on 07/05/11 with
My surgery is July 5th and I haven't been told anything about doing that either.....
on 6/26/11 6:54 am
My surgeon doesn't believe that a bowel cleanse is necessary because they aren't doing anything with the large intestine.  I was on clear liquids the day before surgery.
on 6/26/11 7:53 am
Hi Karif,      My surgery is tomorrow morning. I am now on the liquid pre-op diet. The same as the first meal after your surgery.  My doctor gave me a prescription for MOVIPREP Powder Kit. It is a prescription formula that comes as 2 doses. You have to mix package A & B with a whole quart of water and drink 1/4 every 15 minutes.  It has 2 applications of this stuff. And I'm suppose to fini**** in 1 hour.(at 12)  Then do it again at 4.  Not happening!!! I called my friend who is a Nurse and she told me just to make sure that I finish at least 1 quart. Which I did. And my bowels are running like water and clear. She said that is what they are looking for. But I could not eat anything solid today.  I think I would rather drink Buttermilk and I have never drank Buttermilk.  At first it taste like Alka-Setzer but it has a sweet aftertaste. YUUUCK! YUCK!  & more YUCK!!  It would have been nice if your doctor gave you better instructions or more help. Funny how not all Bariatric doctors practice the same laws or rules of engagement. But runny and clear is what you are looking for. Also, I have had the magnesium citrate and it works to do the same thing as this stuff. Wish I had that as an option.              Sharon

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on 6/26/11 7:58 am - Archer, FL
I als had to take Magnisium Citrite the day before surgery. They told me about it at my pre-op appointment (3 days before surgery). I was told to take the entire bottle the afternoon before surgery. Within a few hours it kicked in and everything was running clear when I arrived at the hospital.