Chef Fouts

on 7/13/11 12:16 am - NC
I just ordered David Fouts cookbook.  Hoping for some inspiration in the kitchen, getting tired of the same things.  Has anyone tried his stuff?  On a side note I'm having a sugar free, non fat iced vanilla coffee with only 40 cals. Yum.

on 7/13/11 12:31 am - Baltimore, MD
Chef Dave! He's great. If you ever go to an OH conference you could meet him. His recipes are very good. I own one of his cookbooks and it helped me get through pureed foods. God bless him.
on 7/13/11 12:35 am - NC
Thanks Nik!  I need some spice and variety in my foods so I don't get bored and run for the yucky easy stuff.