Is PB2 sold in stores?

on 7/17/11 1:36 am
Does anyone know if PB2 is sold in stores? If so which ones?
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Mia H.
on 7/17/11 1:40 am - OH
 If you enter in your zip code, it will come up with the nearest store that sells Bell Plantation products.
on 7/17/11 1:49 am - CT
Eggface has also found a similar product at Trader Joes.
on 7/17/11 3:41 am - Chandler, AZ
RNY on 08/17/11 with
I believe that TJs has discontinued the peanut flour you are referring to :( Apparently it was really great, too!
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on 7/17/11 1:58 am
I found mine at the grocery store.  It was on the VERY TOP SHELF in the peanut butter section.  Kind of hidden, but it was there. 
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on 7/17/11 3:54 am - Chandler, AZ
RNY on 08/17/11 with
This product seems like a good alternative to PB2 - cheaper ($6.99 for 16oz bag; PB2 is $3.99 per 6.5oz jar) and more protein per serving (16g per 1/4 cup serving; PB2 has 10g per 1/4 cup serving):
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on 7/17/11 4:56 am
I have found it at Farm Fresh and Whole Food Stores.
on 7/17/11 5:14 am - Fayetteville, NC
I got mine at the commissary here. I didnt think it was gunna be good BUT i was wrong. I actually like it way better than regualr Peanut Butter. But the hubby still wont do it- he has an aversion to anyhting dehydrated, dried out, or powdered.
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on 7/17/11 5:23 am - Gaylord, MN
I find it in the natural food section at HyVee.  I have also found peanut flour at other grocery stores, usually in the natural food section.  I believe it can be used in the same way.

on 7/17/11 10:02 am - Cloverdale, CA
Too bad to hear that the peanut flour at Trader Joe's may have been discontinued... it was MUCH cheaper!
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