Can you make pudding with Almond milk?

on 7/29/11 4:18 am - NY
Has anyone tried this?Just wondering if it will work?TY
on 7/29/11 4:28 am
You'll need a thickening agent, like corn starch, but it is doable.
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on 7/29/11 4:28 am - North Brookfield, MA
I did, with sugar free instant butterscotch pudding mix.... would not set up, ever! lol.
Dave Chambers
on 7/29/11 4:28 am - Mira Loma, CA
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Try it and see. I use regular FF milk, with unflavored whey isolate protein dissoved in the milk.  Works well--SF treat with substantial protien, 20g per 3 oz serving. DAVE

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on 7/29/11 4:33 am family and I talked about that just last night.  Years ago we wasted a lot of soy milk and pudding mix trying to make it with soy...this was before they put on the box soy milk would not work.  If, like the other poster said you need a thickening agent, then I don't think instant would work well with almond milk, but the one that has to be cooked would.

Price S.
on 7/29/11 4:48 am - Mills River, NC
I don't know about almond but I do use Soy and add protein and freeze it.  I mix the soy milk and pudding powder, using 2.5c instead of 2. Then divide it into 4 freezer bowls.  Add 1 scoop of protein to each serving.  So when I make chocolate pudding, I can put chocolate protein, chocolate / peanutbutter protein, latte protein, you get the picture.  Vanilla gets vanilla protein, fuzzy navel, cookies and cream.  It freezes hard as a brick batt but if you nuke it for 20 sec you can eat it slowly as it melts.

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T. Deeds
on 7/29/11 5:35 am
I used to make Jello Sugar-Free Pudding Mix with almond milk before my surgery (I hate pudding now, so I don't make it). 


on 7/29/11 9:31 am
 I used almond milk last time I made pudding and it set up fine! There is now a "warning" on the box that soy milk will prevent it from setting. If you're very lactose intolerant, just an fyi....even though I used almond milk, the pudding I ate still caused alot of bloating and gas for me.  I won't tempt it again, not worth it for me. :-(

on 10/14/14 8:45 am

I have made pudding using Sugar Free Jello pudding.  I used half Almond Milk (40 calories) and half fat free Greek yogurt.  (example:  1 cup Almond Milk and 1 cup Greek yogurt)  It thickened nicely and tasted very good.  I have used the following flavors so far;  Chocolate, butterscotch, cheesecake and banana cream.