When are you done?

on 8/14/11 6:58 am - NC
I'm at war with myself and my scales.  I have lost almost 115 lbs and am 6 away from my goal.  I haven't lost any weight in weeks, go up a pound, down a pound.  Started a couch 2 5k program and am hoping that helps.  My question is....is it really important that I get that last 6 pounds off?  Why do I feel that that will signify my success?  I'm smaller and can do so much more than I could of ever done before, so why can't I just take that and say I'm done losing and go on to maintenance? I don't know why it's so damn important to me to hit that stupid number....

on 8/14/11 7:35 am - Canada
This is why I am glad I didn't set a goal weight.  Just wanted to see what would happen if I followed the rules and got moderate exercise.  I have a medium build, am 5'4" and weigh 145.  Started at 266.  Just stopped losing at about the 18 month mark... I'm 21 mos out now.

I am 100% certain that it would take a lot of work to lose any more weight because this is a natural weight for me.  If I were to become a runner, or something like that, I'd probably lose to another set point that would be natural for that activity level.   But so far... I'm not overly interested in running, but I am so much lighter and am becoming a bit of a nut case about riding my bicycle this summer.  

The main thing is, I can't STOP moving because that would mean reducing the amount that I eat.  I would not be happy about that!
on 8/14/11 7:38 am
I'm in the same place--feel great, wearing much smaller clothes, but still .25-1.25 lbs from goal.. I don't really care about the weight but I am fixated on the "normal BMI" threshold that it represents. I wonder if I am holding on to the old "broken" me and fighting accepting myself is the true issue. And if I hear one more person say--"don't lose another pound..." I will scream.
on 8/14/11 7:41 am - NC
I agree....I want to be in the normal bmi range and am close, I'm 5'5 and sit at 152 right now.  I too have heard not to lose anymore weight and it just ****** me off.    The old me never finished anything and maybe that's why I want my goal weight so bad, to finally have followed through with something.
on 8/14/11 9:26 am - Durham, NC
For me it is self defeating to worry about getting down to something my body doesn't want to go to. if your body is happy where you are, it knows you are at the right place. I'd hate to see you feel like a failure when you've lost so much weight and made yourself so much more healthy. I hope you can let yourself feel successful.

on 8/14/11 9:24 pm - Pittsburgh, PA
I as well, am in the same boat... I am about 1-4 lbs away from goal depending on the day.... I am 5'9 and weigh between 161-164 I just want to hit that 160 mark and feel like I will never get there and if I don't I have been defeated again at my weight loss. Why is the number so important to us?? I mean I have bought a few size 4 pants from a 20!!!!! Why can't I just be content?? So, I feel you. I am right there wondering why and when and if it will ever happen.