My go to Chicken Salad

on 8/17/11 12:04 am - NC
I eat this all the time and I love it!

1 9.75oz can chicken breast
1/4 cup crumbled Feta cheese
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 t dry Ranch dressing mix

I make 5 servings at 85 calories and 12.9 g protein.  I serve it up on spinach leaves and maybe add a chopped strawberry. 

Kat Kat
on 8/17/11 12:24 am - MD

I have been eating tuna on crackers for lunch and was trying to think of an easy way to eat it on something else. I just didn't want to spend the time cutting up tomatoes or cukes.  I love your idea of using spinach leaves. Thanks!


on 8/17/11 12:33 am - Knoxville, TN
Hey Thomas...I use butter lettace or red lettace and make a little roll with my tuna. I added a couple of cut up grapes for sweetness.

May the wind always be at your back and the shinning sun be on your face.

Kat Kat
on 8/17/11 5:35 pm - MD

More great ideas...Thanks!


on 8/17/11 1:15 am - TX
Yum Colleen, thanks. I am printing it out now.

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Price S.
on 8/17/11 2:17 am - Mills River, NC
Well, yum.  sounds wonderful and I have all the stuff.

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on 8/17/11 2:48 am - Joppa, MD
Hmmm...I developed a sudden dislike for Tuna and I have been looking through some chicken salad recipes but haven't really found any that appealing.

But this one sounds good.  Not sure if it is the feta or what. 

Thanks!  I'm making this next week.