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After Losing Weight, Do You Look Older or Younger? 40 Plus Years Old Folks!

on 9/16/11 3:36 pm - Panama City, FL
I am 53 years old, so I am concerned that when I lose all this weight, that my face is going to look like an OLD lady!

People are always telling me I don't look 53 and I know it has to be because my fat face has filled out my wrinkles.

So, those who have lost a lot of weight and say you are about 40 or older, does your face have a LOT more wrinkles than it did when it was "chubby"?


PS Yes, I'll still be happy to lose this weight, just want to know what to expect.
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on 9/16/11 3:46 pm - Smithsburg, MD
I am almost 40, many people tell me that I look much younger. I was at Wal Mart with my 18 year old son the other night and we ran into his old football coach from high school. The coach thought I was his girlfriend. I know I have lost almost 100 lbs and shaved a few years off my body, but really, my 18 year old's girlfriend. My son was horrified and I had to laugh. I don't have wrinkles, guess I am one of the lucky ones that I have never really showed my age, at least not yet.
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on 9/16/11 3:46 pm - San Jose, CA
RNY on 12/07/09 with
I'm 51 and look and feel 10 years younger. The feeling is the most important part. Just having all the energy and being able to do so much I think helps me look younger because I feel so much better.
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on 9/16/11 4:03 pm
 i am 45 soon to be 46 next week and started right around the the same weight as you and have lost over 85 lbs...  lots of people tell me i look 10 years younger.  see my pics and you be the judge.   my only complaint i see now happening is my neck.  my husband says its all in my head but i know he's just not wanting me to focus on that... don't get me wrong though... it not a turkey neck... but i do see some ripple's starting...LOL

good luck on your journey it will be amazing how you feel !

xoxo Maria
on 9/16/11 4:51 pm
Maria, I turned 47 a few months ago and like you don't have a turkey neck but see jawls that I don't like.

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on 9/16/11 3:59 pm - FL
I am only 39 but my weight loss has brought out some wrinkles. I don't even care.... I can prop my foot up on the opposite knee to put on my shoes!!
Don 1962
on 9/16/11 4:01 pm

I may feel younger after loosing 160 pounds and keeping it off for three years but to answer your question I have managed to get a couple of "senior" discounts and I'm still shy of 50.  Not that this applies to you, at least I hope it doesn't, shaving became an interesting experience till I got used to the excess skin and having cheek bones.

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on 9/16/11 4:06 pm - Panama City, FL
Um, NO, shaving my face does not apply to me! lol

Yeah, I'm worried I'm going to be getting some senior discounts too! lol

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on 9/16/11 4:40 pm
Many people find that after they lose weight their face looks drawn and older.  After a while things begin to redistribute and you will look much better.
For me, after my first WLS I didn't look very good afterwards but after I regained some weight I thought I looked a lot better.  Then about 4 years ago I feel like I really started looking my age.  This was right around the time I got sick and it really went downhill from there.  I had deep bags under my eyes and just didn't look healthy.  So now I think I look better but I know that once I regain a bit of weight and things redistribute I may look a little better.
Here are some pictures to get an idea.  The first one was after my first WLS and I really didn't look very good.  The second one was about 4 years ago.  I think I looked a lot healthier.  The third one is a month before my revision and the last one was a few weeks ago.  I still have the bags and my face looks a little drawn but hopefully that will get better.
BTW I am 53.  I was 44 when I had my first WLS.


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on 9/16/11 8:17 pm - Grand Prairie, TX
I think you are so pretty, but can I getcha to smile, dammit? LOL! (((HUGZ)))

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on 9/16/11 8:21 pm
You probably won't be surprised to know that I hear that quite a bit.  People always want to know if I am mad.  I will try to smile more often :)  See, there I've started.

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on 9/16/11 4:47 pm
After my initial weight loss I looked older but I face did fill in a little after so you may or may not go through that. I'm 47 now and get told I don't look 47. When I see myself in pictures I think I look older then when I look in a mirror.

Most people I see that have had WLS look younger.

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Price S.
on 9/16/11 4:53 pm - Mills River, NC
With clothes on, I look 15 yrs younger and get told that all the time.

Naked, I look 15yrs older with all this skin and wrinkles hanging around.

I'm 62.  I do see a few more wrinkles but not as many as I thought I would on my face.

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on 9/16/11 5:00 pm
RNY on 02/07/11 with
 I am 48 and everyone says I look much younger now that I have lost weight. Last month I spoke at at pre-op group and after the meeting several of the participants came up to me and said that they were afraid of looking older after losing weight until they saw me. Several people said they would have guessed I was in my lat e 20's! It felt great to hear that!

Lisa E.
on 9/16/11 5:21 pm - Fontana, CA
 I am 42 and I have a grandson, I have lost 85 lbs and have been told many times I don't look old enough to have kids old enough to have kids LOL.. Also all my friends and family tell me I look at least 10 years younger.. IDK if they are just being nice but it does feel good to hear..
Good Luck, Lisa     

on 9/16/11 5:28 pm - Cape Coral, FL
RNY on 07/26/10 with
 I'm 42 and thought I might have more wrinkles and look older after losing 110 pounds, but I have to say that I have been told I don't look over 35, so that's awesome to me! And I, too, feel a LOT younger now. I do use a lot of really great moisturizers too, which I know help keep my skin nice and less wrinkled.
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on 9/16/11 5:36 pm - Clayton, NC
RNY on 10/26/10 with
I'm 46 and have been told my many friends that I look much younger than I did before.  I have no facial wrinkles and my skin is tight on my face.  I've lost 120 lbs at 11 months out.

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on 9/16/11 5:50 pm
 This was one of my fears, too.  What I have seen with my friends that have had WLS is for the first couple of years they do look older to me (including me) however in the 3 rd year and beyond, most people start to look younger.  Depending on much skin you have that is hanging and depending what you decide to do about it may make you feel like you look older or maybe even younger. I was in the doctor's waiting area a month ago and there was a lady who was there and was already at goal.  She was was 67 years old, we got to talking about the skin issue and here is what she  told me: She is so happy to be able to do the things that she hasn't done in over 25 years that the skin doesn't bother her. She said her male companion doesn't seem to mind it either. Then she said He told me that when I am naked, I look like I have two knee high stockings on my chest with golf balls in them! and I just shove the excess skin that covered my stomach in my pants every day before I go out the door!  If you can see this vision in your mind right now, you will see that it really only depends on what you think about yourself more than what others think of you!  If you depend on other to tell you how you look and should feel, you are in for a life of disappointments as you self esteem needs to be what you think of yourself not what others think.  
Love you now and forever, 
Jeanne T.
on 9/16/11 6:11 pm

I am so glad you asked this question as I have been wondering about this too.  I am 55 and am hoping to have surgery sometime late October.  Thanks for all the answers everyone.


on 9/16/11 6:21 pm - Joppa, MD
RNY on 09/28/10 with

I'm 45 and have been lucky enough to age pretty well.  Most people seem genuinely surprised when they learn my age.  I have notice a couple of extra wrinkles since losing however and I am looking a tad bit drawn I think.  My DH says no but he is a man, what do they know?  LOL 

And my neck.  I don't think it is a turkey neck, per se, but there is extra skin there.  From my double chins.  But I would rather have the skin than the double chins.  I am hoping that I will see some redistribution on my face and maybe (please please) some absorption of some of my neck skin.