Average weight loss per week post gastric bypass?

on 9/25/11 9:12 am
Just wondering what the average weight loss is after gastric bypass. Had surgery almost 3 weeks ago and have only lost about 15 pounds. I am following everythng the doctors tell me and am walking every day. Just afraid my weight loss is to slow.
on 9/25/11 9:16 am - OH
I have no idea what the average per week is.  It would partly depend on how far post op.  But weight loss is usually not steady or consistent like that.  It's not like people lose about three pounds most weeks.  It's like, 10 pounds one week, two pounds the next, five pounds the next, no pounds at all the next two weeks, then six pounds the next......

An average of five pounds a week is not too slow.  How many pounds did you expect to lose each week?

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Paula F.
on 9/25/11 9:17 am - Rochester Hills , MI
I had surgery about 3 1/2 weeks ago and have only lost 13 lbs.  I lost 10 the first week post op and have been pretty much stalled the last 2 weeks.  From everything I have read, we are normal and just need to be very patient as it will eventually pass. 
on 9/16/13 8:39 am

I have been doing the same thing just stalled. I had my surgery September 20th. I've been doing all the right things. Starting to feel depressed.

on 4/10/15 8:49 am

Thank you for sharing. I was getting a little frustrated! 

Dan OBrien
on 9/25/11 9:18 am - FL

From what I've observed online, it tends to be the heavier you are, the faster you lose, and it seems like men lose a little faster than women, although not always.  Remember its not a race.  Think if you lose only 2lbs per week - thats 104lbs in a year.  So at that rate you're doing pretty decent.  Keep your chin up - there will be stalls and small ups and downs.  Don't live by the scale, you'll drive yourself crazy!


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on 9/25/11 9:53 am - Ardmore, OK

I had surgery almost two years ago.  I seemed to average a loss of 10 lbs a month.  Yes, some weeks I could lose a lb a day.  Then other weeks I wouldn't lose a thing.  I would say stay away from the scale...If you are doing what you are suppose to you will lose he weight.  It just takes your body time to adjust to everything!

Good Luck!  Keep up the good work!

Lisa R.
on 9/25/11 10:31 am - CA
 My doctor said this, and it is true.

WL after RNY is like a set a stairs, you will lose a speed amount then level off, then lose then level.  SO if you are tracking your WL on a chart it should look like a set of stairs.  I track my weight on here and it does sort of look like stairs.  

15lbs in 3 weeks is amazing, you are going to lose no matter what you do and you are going to stop losing at times (stall) no matter what you do for the first year.  The surgery works.  You can help it along by eating right and working out.  Right now you want to concentrate on changing your habits.  Trust me on this, TRUST ME, your old habits will creep back up on you very soon.  When you start to feel normal again, like you did before surgery, it gets harder to stay away from trigger foods and "bad" foods.  Concentrate now on forming new habits and getting in some exercise and worry less about the weight.  It comes off!  

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on 9/25/11 10:55 am - PA
RNY on 08/11/11 with

It is difficult to compare how fast everyone loses because they start at different BMIs.  The surgeons track % excess weight loss.  So someone who has 150 excess lbs will lose lbs faster than someone who has 100. 

It is more important to make sure that you are learning to use your tool and make the permanent changes to your lifestyle.  If you're not successful at that, then you are at risk for more significant regain, no matter how much you lose now.
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on 3/23/15 7:43 am


You have done great. Your starting weight is about the same as mine and I had my surgery on Jan 29th, 2015 I have lost 30 so far but seem to be at a standstill. I hope I hit my goal as quickly as you did!

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