i want to know what your pre-op diet consisted of?

on 10/2/11 11:40 am
please tell me, as i'm starving, gaging at the shakes, its 9:30 at night and i've only had two of the four bc i just cant drink them. i want a piece of string cheese or canned tuna. i'm hungry and i'm aggrivated. i can't stomach any more sweet things to eat. yes i have chicken broth, and i want to make homemade egg drop soup with egg whites and chicken broth but my husband says that is cheating.

 and if ur on the other side, pplllleeeeaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee tell me this gets easier
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on 10/2/11 11:46 am
I had a 9 day liquid diet.  The 1st few days were the worst.  I also hated the shakes and never managed the 4 per day..... after it was over my Nut told me I could have substituted any low-carb protein shake.  Ask your Nut if you can - you might get a yes!

The pre-op diet was the hardest part of the process for me, it's worth it in the end.... hang in there.

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on 10/2/11 11:47 am - VA
i had the same issue as you!  Do not cheat Your doctor could cancel the surgery.  I had decaf coffee that helped me a lot.  also if you are sick of sweet eat some plain greek yogurt it is higher in protein and perfect.  I could not stand all the sweet stuff.  I bought all kinds of progresso soups that were reduced fat and strained them and the broth was amazing!  You can do the diet!!!!!  On my pre op diet I lost 12 pounds and it made my surgery easier for the doc.

on 10/2/11 11:52 am - OH
I could tell you what my pre op diet consisted of, but I'm not sure how that will help you.  I'm gathering your pre op diet consists of four protein shakes a day?  And what, any other clear liquids with no calories?

If you don't like the shakes you're using, try a different brand.

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on 10/2/11 11:54 am
im allowed 4 protein shakes a day, gross, i'm gagging on them now. sf pudding to mix in but not to eat. sf jello to eat. any clear no calorie liquid. chicken or beef broth only. and sugar free popsicles. i'm tired of sweet. i just want some food flavored stuff.... i just want egg drop soup. its not even that bad for me. its protein and chicken broth.
on 10/2/11 11:56 am
kelly i spent $140 on protein shake mix, bc thats what the dr said i had to take. what do u think of the chicken broth with eggs mixed in for egg drop soup. i just want something of substance so bad.
on 10/2/11 11:59 am
I wouldn't add the eggs.  SF jello & popsicles helped a little bit with wanting to chew.
High Weight 278; consult weight 234; Surgery Weight 219 Surgeon's Goal Weight 150 -10/27/10  -  Personal goal weight 140 - Achieved 12/11/10  
on 10/2/11 12:03 pm - LA
Mine was 2 weeks all liquid, shakes, jello, broth, sf popsicles.  I cheated a few times on string cheese and deli turket, but about 4 days before I stayed on track and I did fine, did take some miralax to make sure I was all cleaned out because I had no type of bowel prep.  It aggravated me how some people could eat., when I couldnt have crap..lol

on 10/2/11 12:09 pm - FL
Get in the no-cheating mindset now - which means no rationalizing "it's not that bad". Positive attitudes really can change things. Add a pinch of taco seasoning to your beef broth, crunch on your SF popsicles and follow the plan your surgeon has for you.... it is so worth it to do it right!
(deactivated member)
on 10/2/11 12:46 pm - Santa Cruz, CA
The egg drop soup should be OK;  it's only chicken broth after all.  The amount of egg you beat
and put in the hot soup is protein, too, so go for it!

Does your doctor have you on liquids only, or what??

When I was doing my pre-op eating I focused on protein first, and eliminated all white foods such
as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.  I was surprised to find that the more protein I put in my diet
the less hungry I was, and the fewer refined carbs I wanted. 

I would say that the tuna would be a good choice, too.

If you get too hungry you'll scarf down anything you can get, and that will make you feel badly
and awful and think all kinds of mean things about yourself, and that will make you eat more
and on and on and on with the evil circle.

Best  wishes!
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